Police, Fire, Rescue and Civilian Disaster teams cooperation

Police, Fire, Rescue and Civilian Disaster teams cooperation

Postby wesurvive » Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:24 am

First, I heard about what happened and its a shame someone thought a concerned community survival group was dangerous, which some people just get afraid the minute they hear anyone talk about survival, living off the land, or packing a lunch for just in case something happens like an earthquake or a total currency crash (hyperinflation). The fact is, its a nation wide thing of communities getting ready to survive for what ever happens. Disasters happen every year, whether it is flooding, hurricanes, tornadoes, or stock market crashes. So everyone needs a plan, everyone needs to be prepared or end up in tent cities like the millions of others still waiting for Government help and hand outs. We can make it on just knowing what to do just in case. It may take weeks or months for any help to arrive. So that is why it is important to know survival skills.
So I am posting this to help.

Having been a forest fire fighter myself and I know that when the people of the community help volunteer to help out as well; as a bigger team things went pretty smoothly. Since sometimes we had to camp out on their front lawns to protect their homes, they also provided assistance to help with what ever they could. The police who came to ask if they would evacuate felt the team work as well and joined in, thus giving any assistance they could to the owners of the land who wanted to stay and help and with the fire fighters as well. The home was saved, the food was great (even had a fresh baked pie or two to munch on and the police helped carry supplies when we were a man short to trucks or helped unload trucks even though all they had to was stand around and keep other people from wandering too close to the fire area out of curiosity.

So what is important is there is a great potential for including police, fire and rescue in these disaster/survival groups. If they will gladly accept the offer that is after all this is purely voluntary. I do know some would feel it would seem odd being involved in some sort of survival group or response team for any type of disaster, but when the time comes they will be undermanned and overwhelmed by the work that has to be done. Not only will they learn something from others in the groups, but the groups will learn something from those who want to share.

I do know there are other groups that even Judges, Police, fire fighters and ex-military are involved in that are civilian survival based groups. However, the more the merrier and any added technical skills or knowledge can go a long way from those who have experience in different things.

For instance, a large earthquake may hit any area of the United States any day. Such a large disaster would leave the area powerless, without fuel, without food supplies, and without clean running water. Fact is there is not enough police, fire fighters, or Red Cross to handle the situation and it could easily get out of hand. In other areas, there are no military bases, there are no emergency centers or even hospitals can be miles away and people will have to learn to survive or meet their fate. By a team effort, with all civilian and other forces working together, it can be a whole lot easier. Granted, there is that fine line between a civilian and a police officer or fire fighter having different views on what to do, those who will refuse to leave their homes and land and those who will try and protect their businesses any way possible to keep looters from taking everything out of the store. So if you don't live in the Country, then the city life is going to be much harder to get by in when there is a large disaster if there is no team work.

Another example is families with children during a disaster. One person cannot search and entire area for their child alone. Communication and a group effort will have to be in hand to find the child or children. There has to be a place for all to meet. Even the law enforcement and fire fighters have family, which they will be concerned about and want someone to take them to a safe area.

So once a disaster strikes, it takes a few minutes to gather your senses and make sure everyone is ok at that residence, then regroup and help others as fast as possible. So if the civilians are prepared as well as the law enforcement and fire crews, each can step in and help the other. After all, we live in the same Country under the same Flag and when something happens we have to work together and not have 4 separate ideas who is going to do what. So there has to be some compromise, some effort to find a common ground and work together to get through what ever happens so everyone can rebuild and live a somewhat normal life again.

When the Law Enforcement distances itself from the public, the public will not look for support from Law Enforcement. So perhaps it is time to have a few BBQ's and invite them to get to know them and let them get to know you. Otherwise if they think there is just some survival groups out there preparing for the worst, they have no idea what to expect from that group or they will be suspicious as well others and then it just builds up until you have another Wako incident. Over nothing but a misunderstanding.

The Law Enforcement should understand nobody is going to give up their guns during a disaster. The public should know that there will always be one gun slinger law enforcement officer that will try and think he is controlling the situation and demand everyone give up their guns. So in this simple situation, things can get out of hand very quickly. Some survivalists have family members who are firefighters and in law enforcement and don't want to see people get in a power struggle that could get out of hand and someone gets hurt. However, yes it will be on the part of Law Enforcement to be willing to compromise when the public has all rights under the Constitution to Bear Arms. That even ex-military will not give up their guns, nor will any other person in their right mind because the officers cannot be at every place at the same time, thus the people have a right to protect their property from looters and vandals or even from dangerous convicts during a disaster.

A lot of homes have children in them, so the parents have that duty to protect their children and their property. Thus, so will also the people who work for local and State Governments to protect their families and homes as well. So if there is a common ground that we all have an interest in seeing our families and property protected, that is the main thing to work on in helping each other work together as a team.

Yes, there are always those doubts of whom to trust since some law enforcement have done some pretty bad things, but get to know the ones in your area and then decide if they are trustworthy or not. If they are criminals behind the badge, then there is always the Grand Juries to help find if they are guilty of crimes against the public or not, that is if the IA or other law enforcement doesn't do anything about it. So know them by inviting them to get to know all of you. If they do something stupid, then you know they are someone you will be very cautious about when they come around again. If they could be a threat, during a disaster you just simply don't let them near your family or your property. The same as any law enforcement officer would do if they knew someone was a criminal and they would do the same. It is just both sides work the same.

So by this, I hope it brings a lot more people together and help each other prepare and plan for any kind of disaster that may happen. Fact is, FEMA won't save you or your neighborhood. They will never get to any area for weeks. They do not even have enough manpower to help in a large city. So you are left on your own and if you get a nice sized group together, then that is all the more help that will be there.

The public can teach each other, but those in local and state government jobs can learn from the public, the public can learn from them, and plus there is always some experienced ex-military veteran willing to teach everyone in the group what he or she knows and everyone learns from each other to survive any type of disaster that is to come.

Politics in the group. Sure there will be those hard core Democrats or Republicans or even Liberals who will be offended if anyone talks bad about the President, the vice president or even hillary clinton. The truth is, you can judge any in Government by their actions and everyone has the Freedom of speech to say their point of view without retaliation from law enforcement of any other in the group. So it should be a "Given" that everyone can share what they know, their points of views, their interests in the market, the hardships they encountered and even their points of view about the Iraq and Afghan war. The minute someone hears someone say Obama is a retard and runs to say the group is a militia and try and turn people against others, then its just what the Russians or any other Communist Country wants. They want people to turn against each other in America so America falls apart at the seams.

A bit of history about this:
Fact, Russia has tried for over 50 years to destroy America. Russia tried to turn the people against the Government, but also turn the people against each other. To create a little chaos and fuel the fire, they figured they could take down America without ever shooting a bullet.
They secretly pushed to demoralize America at every turn. Planted Russians all across America to try and create as much distortion and corruption (with money, sex, etc.) as possible to destroy America from within. Yes, these facts became clear after the Russian Empire fell and many Classified documents were found. However, there is one thing they could not beat and they said they found it almost impossible to destroy, that was the Christian Religion and by their own words, "They could not beat Jesus and God."

So also that if there is corruption at the highest points of Government we must all work together to rid the corruption and get his Country back on the right track. Just as we would with any other disaster by sticking together and fixing the problem to get back to some sort of normal life till the next disaster hits.

So if you are stuck working with only a few members, then that is better than working by yourself to find a solution and learn survival skills that can help you during a disaster. The more the better. For larger areas with a larger population, they will suffer if they do not work together to get through it. A good example is Pakistan with the Flood. Before that another huge example is Katrina and those people were all out for themselves and did not help each other and over 100,000 people died because they were not prepared.

A disaster can hit anywhere at any time.
Just my two cents.
God Bless
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Re: Police, Fire, Rescue and Civilian Disaster teams coopera

Postby wesurvive » Wed Aug 18, 2010 3:48 am

Also I want add this, that there are those out there who still may not know who is running this Country. That Obama has been found guilty of Treason on about a dozen accounts by a Grand Jury in New York several months ago. Yet Congress is refusing to arrest Obama on these charges. So if you are in Law Enforcement, Military or work for any State or City Government, know that Obama has no power of authority within America over any Government (Federal or State) since he has been found an imposter within the Oval Office. These are not my words, but I am just referring to them to you. So by the Constitution and any Oaths you took to the Constituion means your Oath is to the People of this Nation, not to an imposter in office.

So by this, expect nothing from Obama and only expect those citizens of America who join groups to help in Disasters to be there, for the Federal Government will not and cannot be depended upon.

So backing up what I say is here in these links. Feel free to research any of it to see that it is based on fact.

Grand Jury Proof of record that a Grand Jury is based on the Constitution.

Dr. Pastor Manning of Harlem New York in the Grand Jury decision of Obama
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5qxPKQJ ... r_embedded

News about Obama being found guilty.
http://www.eutimes.net/2010/07/obama-on ... niversity/

Obama admits he is not an America, but from Kenya and born in Kenya.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqdChnj2 ... dded#at=44

So make copies of these and put them on disk and hand them out to everyone. Even those in the military so they know their commander in cheif is an imposter. Eventually Congress will demand Obama be arrested when enough people stand up and shout at Congress.

God Bless and God Bless America
Or at least, God help America.

A video called "I fought for you". What America should never forget.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KTb6qdPu ... r_embedded
You Must Survive. So prepare for it.
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