Being Prepared for the Ultimate Disaster is Crucial today

Being Prepared for the Ultimate Disaster is Crucial today

Postby wesurvive » Mon Aug 23, 2010 7:49 am

There is really a long list of things that could happen. Truly, if it isn't one thing to expect, it may be another. The world is really in a state of chaos, both in nature and man made aggression.
So if you prepare for the worst thing to happen that could happen, you can easily handle anything that happens that is a much smaller disaster. However, some of them just about match each other in the level of disaster and the aftermath. So by preparing for the biggest threat, you can get through just about anything that happens.

So far the largest threat is seen as a Nuclear Attack. Which includes both EMP damage and radiation poisoning. That's if you are not close to the point of ground zero, then you won't feel a thing anyway. But if you are a survivor, you have to live on and live to rebuild sometime in the future. So surviving is the key even after such a large nuclear explosion.

The second largest is just a high altitude EMP going off that would leave everyone without power. There is also the concern of the Sun showering large amounts of radiation on the earth causing large EMP bursts shutting down everything on Earth including sending the satellites like burning shrapnel towards the earth. The article Elizabeth put up that everyone should read is truly dead on in what would happen.

So in any case, both the Nuclear and EMP itself should be planned for. Such as extra communications equipment put into a secure box that is shielded and buried (making sure others do the same so you have someone to talk to) and taking the measures to EMP proof all that you can in hopes it survives a large EMP burst. It takes some time and effort, but I will dig up some good EMP proof sites that can help Do It Yourself. That is if you don't have the money to buy from one of the dealers who do sell nice EMP proof shielding. If you can buy it, then do so. Saves you a lot of time trying to figure it all out yourself.

Third types of large disasters would be large natural disasters, economical disasters, or all out revolutionary war over the fake president and the treasonous congress that supports him.
These would leave the country in total unrest, even parts of the country that is hit the hardest in a natural disaster, but in all out war between the Government and the people it is just total chaos for those who don't pick a side and end up trying to live off what they have if they are not prepared. (again these are just examples, they could happen, but nobody can tell the future). In a Natural disaster such as a massive earthquake that hits several States, it would be equal to any EMP or Nuclear disaster in the fact people will be homeless, without power, without banks, fuel or food and water. So by preparing for a Nuclear Disaster, you can easily handle a large Earthquake if one arrises. For the rest, it never goes as planned and you just have to go by what happens day by day. However, you will survive if you prepared for the worst to happen.

Forth type of disasters would be a terrorist bio-bomb, a large riot, perhaps even a Jihad event that leads Christians and Jews against the Muslims in an all out civil armed clash. Martial law would happen and still you would survive if you prepared for the very worst thing that could happen since you will have food, water and some sort of back up power source and communication equipment on hand. The self defense part of it is up to you, if you are not near the heat of the unrest, then that speaks for itself, if you are near it, then you may want to keep in mind that should have been part of your preparedness plan in your escape and survival plan.

In all of these events which could happen, there is one thing to remember. The Government, the police, the military and the Red Cross won't be there to help you. In any large disaster they will work on getting their own things organized first before helping others. Just as you would take the time to get yourself organized and regroup before helping others. You cannot help others if you have a disaster of your own to deal with. If you are prepared, that is the first step in handling the situation. The second is forget fear and focus on what you planned to do next. The Third is start looking for others to help that are near you. Then you can either invite them to your home to give them shelter and keep looking to help others until you have done all you can and then its time for the survival course in real life that you prepared for.

If such any other type of disaster or threat exists, you are at least prepared for it if you prepared the "Greatest" threat. Prepare for a total all out nuclear war and the rest will come easy.

If some whacked out Country lets off an EMP or Nuclear missile in space to wipe out all the satellites out of vengeance, no worries. We will survive. If there is some nuclear plant that melts down during an earthquake, no worries, we will survive. If some other force causes a disaster upon the earth (alien or domestic unknown), we will survive.

The fact is, any of these things could happen at any time without warning. So getting prepared as fast as you can is essential.
God Bless
You Must Survive. So prepare for it.
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