Preparedness survival bullet proof vests

Preparedness survival bullet proof vests

Postby wesurvive » Tue Aug 31, 2010 7:39 am

Well thinking that the time may come when what ever disaster it may be that happens, that people need to have extra protection from looters, especially armed looters. It could be just those who lose everything and get frustrated and lose control and go out looking for what they need to take from others. There is also that aspect of the criminal or two who will just take what they want from anyone during a disaster.

A good example would be after a large earthquake that takes out a quarter of the USA. Those who lose their homes also lost their food, water and shelter. Within a few days, they will start to become anxious about where to get food and water, even have some sort of shelter. So they will go looking, they may resort to violence, even use a gun to get what they want. So if your house is the only place standing in a 4 block radius, you might have a few unwelcome guests arrive to take your home over. People just plain panic when they feel hopeless and desperate not knowing what the future will bring and those who are used to having everything all the time will want it again. They won't be so nice about it either, they will turn violent to get what they want. So having been prepared for such an event and taking the measures needed to protect yourself is also important since any disaster can turn into a nightmare even if your home is still intact.

So here are few links to some reasonable bullet proof vests for you to purchase if you so desire.

Anyone feel free to add anything or if you sell them please post it if you want.
I just picked those off my favorites list.
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