Why it is Crucial we be prepared to survive

Why it is Crucial we be prepared to survive

Postby wesurvive » Tue Sep 07, 2010 3:55 am

Why it is also important to get the younger generations involved in survival. If they knew they only needed a plastic bag to get clean water, if they only knew they could go into a park and eat what is growing there, if they knew they could protect themselves by knowing self defense, if they also knew if they had safe houses they could go to during any emergency, how to reach loved ones, anything could happen and they would be able to deal with it a whole lot easier.

In New Zealand after the large earthquake the looters were only arrested, well only a few of them.

Some realization of what happens when there is a large disaster and where the law stands on the line between duty or slaughter. In the Katrina disaster the people were without food and water, they were not prepared and resorted to other means of getting it.
The law enforcement was ordered to "do what they must do to take the city back" and "shoot all looters". In my mind I see children who are trying to get home from schools and end up being stuck on the streets for days looking for their parents and or relatives when they find their home is no longer there, so they just go into a store that is empty and nobody there and grabs a soda, some water, or something to eat. Or older brothers and sisters go looking for food for their younger siblings. Or a mother goes out and sees an empty store and grabs some food for her family since money is worthless and there is no electricity to get money out of the destroyed banks.

http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2010/08/ ... 4049.shtml

Sad situation. So that is why it is so important to be prepared for everything.

What about these people who lost everything, the children wandering aimlessly around the streets looking for food, water and shelter?
Yes there will be a few out there who will take advantage of children, even women and try to deceive them into going into their homes saying they will give them food and water. That is a given in any really bad situation. Criminals will not only take what they want, but rape and kill at random. Expect that, since they see the opportunity and they will take it until someone shoots them dead.

However there will be those who will be good people and take in children, women, and even entire families and give them proper support that will make the difference.

There will be a few things that always happen at first. The shock will hit and people will be disoriented. Second is they will try to make it home or to a place they think is safe. Third is they will seek out food and water. Forth, they will seek out some sort of protection (joining together in large groups, finding weapons on their own, etc.). 5th thing that will happen is they will do what they have to to survive. (Even if it means stealing if they have nothing or worse.)

A massive earthquake can leave and entire area (even a State) without power, water and food for several months. FEMA may be destroyed as well. Homeland Security may have all communications cut and be destroyed as well. We can go really big and say the entire Nation suffers a massive blow like the one that happened in the early 1800's that shook most of the United States leveling entire military posts and putting entire towns under mountains of rock. A good example is in Montana where over a dozen military posts were completely destroyed and even several towns were crushed by mountains falling on them. The town of Henderson in the Garnet was completely covered when a mountain gave away and smashed the entire town and all that remains now is a sign that says, "Henderson" where the town once was. Today it is skyscrapers, large buildings, even the smallest of buildings will suffer some damage. Oklahoma has had 12 earthquakes in 2 days, but a year ago Reno Nevada had hundreds in a month, but none of them were big enough to cause any damage. However, it only takes one large earthquake to make a very large disaster. China is a very good example.

So being prepared for such an event is crucial, especially today when the earth's crust is at that peak time of moving more in areas that will cause greater damage. Some say it has to do with the gravity of the moon, others with the gravity of the sun and what happens on the sun affects the earth, other scientists say it is when the stars align they cause greater gravity and can change the motion of the earths crust. What ever the case is, it happens and we just have to be prepared for it.

Things to remember are bridges will be out or unusable. People who cannot get home may wander over to your house for safety and support, take them in if you can. Download and print out all home made water filter plans on this site and others to help you get clean water. Download those ebooks and copy any webpages on edible plants and print them out so you have them when you need them. Food is everywhere, you just have to know what is edible and what isn't. Since the beginning of time mankind has lived off the land, they didn't have stores to just go and buy everything from. THey didn't have packets of seeds to plant that they could buy either, nature provides everything and if you know how to use nature to survive, you can feed your entire family for life without ever going to a store.

The cost of some printer ink and some paper is worth every penny when you can print vital information that can save your life, even make life a little easier and you will never have to go without because Nature will always provide you with everything you need.
It wasn't that long ago the Indians lived off this land and did it for hundreds of thousands of years.

So when things happen, no matter what kind of disaster that happens, you will be smiling without worry because you just spent a few days getting prepared.

You must Survive.
You Must Survive. So prepare for it.
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