Water heaters for survival, 12 volt or 110 heaters

Water heaters for survival, 12 volt or 110 heaters

Postby wesurvive » Mon Nov 29, 2010 8:15 am

I have been looking into various types of heaters. In my case I am off the grid anyway so I have to find the most efficient way to heat water other than heating it on my stove. A stove water heater works, but it is not feasible in the design of my house. So I have to look for 12 volt heaters or even a low wattage water heater that will work with 5 or 10 gallons of water.

So maybe some of you are thinking of ways to get hot water for showers and cleaning when all else is not working (EMP or black out) and trying to run your current electric hot water heater takes a lot of juice and you will need a large generator to do that. So there are alternatives I have found that you may find really interesting.

First is the 12 volt hot water element which fits into any existing hot water tank. You only need a 12 volt battery to run it and it will heat the water to 150 degrees. Or you can use your thermostat on your existing tank or buy one that comes with a thermostat. Either way, this unit has some benefits to keeping it on hand or just using it to save on your electric bill.
The units vary and use between 200 watts and 600 watts. Depending on what you want.
Prices are around $100 dollars and less. The element without the thermostat runs around $60.00. 12 volt DC. Runs all day on one auto battery.
http://www.hydrogenappliances.com/hotwa ... chor262020


Next is my idea of a good hot water heater. Taking a magnetic block heater and putting it on a 5 gallon steel bucket full of water, I will have hot water in a short while. It uses 200 watts and that is within my idea of saving my battery Amps. They heat up to over 150 degrees and up to 400 degrees. Now that is what I am talking about, I like hot showers. =)
Prices are about $40-50 bucks. NAPA wanted over $100 dollars and some were over $200 dollars, but on the Internet you can buy the same thing for about $50 bucks. Amazing.
These run on 110 volts. They are for external use only and must be attached to the outside of a metal tank.


Now there is also the camp propane version which comes in handy for some also. You can use them in your home or outside. Depends on which model you get and some will say outside only and others will say safe to use inside. They say a 20 gallon (regular BBQ sized) propane tank will give you hot water for over 50 hours. Not bad. But I like to think that some day there will be no propane available and electric is the way to go.
However, here is a link for those of you interested to check out. They have many kinds available.
http://www.zodi.com/Consumer/zodihottap ... hower.html


I think there should be no reason we can't have hot running water when the areas go dark around us. (Putting any electric ones in a faraday cage is wise). However, the benefits of a propane one is it is EMP proof. Guess if you have a bio-gas reserve tank you can have all the gas you need to run it with. =) Of course I plan that later, but for now I am stuck with what I have on hand and can use at the moment.

Hope this gives some ideas and if you see any good deals on either one of these models or types, feel free to post them.

And you might just get one of each. =)
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