Camouflage for security

Camouflage for security

Postby MikeG » Wed Apr 21, 2010 5:57 pm

The best way to secure your belongings and preps is to make them as unappealing as possible.

In my days of misspent youth i was quite familiar with "sleepers". These were cars for street drags. they weren't pretty, they didn't look fast. It was only after you saw nothing but tailights at the finish line that you knew you'd been had. guys went to great lengths to either make the car as menacing and fast looking as possible or as clunker as they could. An old stock air cleaner was modified to hide that Holley Dominator carb, nitrous lines hidden inside what looked like mundane vacume hoses. 350 badges would adorn a car that had a big block under the hood. Experiments with various mufflers kept the noise down on a monster engine with headers so it sounded less intimidating. A nice close ratio 4 speed tranny would have a shifter ball that showed it as being a three speed. A casual look inside and you wouldn't think they upgraded. Whatever it took to make it look like less than it was. Chrome on an engine was almost non existant, excpet for a cheap chrome goody or two to make it look like you were just a goofball than a serious racer. An experienced racer also beat you by just a car length, not letting you truly know how fast he was. Ahh the good old days.

When my mom was young she worked at a hospital. A homeless man was brought in that had a heart attack. He passed away and in prepping the body it was discovered his coat was lined with money. $20,000 worth! There are many homeless with huge amounts of cash, but you'd never know it. They don't drive a Lexus and wear fancy clothes.

so where do homeless people and ugly drag cars fit in? They both didn't look to be what they were. Some of the most important items you can have in your survival preps is some cans of Dollar Store Spray paint and a few big black magic markers.

If you do have boxes emblazoned with logos or descriptions that scream SURVIAL SUPPLIES HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! then whip out that can of dollar store brown paint and give it a few passes. This also works for address labels on these boxes as well, but many times a few scribbles with a magic marker does the trick. You can spray buckets and barrels as well. Mismark things. All my boxes and buckets etc are labeled ON TOP as to what is inside. A casual or even a good look reveals nothing on the sides of things. just becuse it says it's kitty litter on the sides doesn't mean that's what's inside. Same goes for boxes labels RAGS or USED OIL FILTERS etc. Make it like the sleeper drag car and make it look unappealing.

You can bury stuff away in an underground vault with seismic intrusion detectors and retina scan security systems, but who really has the cash for that? How about that old car rusting away out back? Lots of items that are not in danger of high heat or freezing can be squirrled away in the trunk. Just pack the toilet paper and cloth items in something the mice can't get into or you're just providing some great nesting material for them. Put your bug out bag in a black trash bag with a big label that says "TO GOODWILL" , "DIRTY DIAPERS" or something else less appealing.

An old chest freezer makes a great prep storage container. Stack old bricks around and on top of it so it really looks like a stack of old bricks or toss bunch of junk around and on top of it. It looks like just part of the junk. Get rid of excess packaging that takes up space, has no real further value and gives away what you have as well as making it less handy to pack awat. Example: Put all that laundry powder into a bucket instead of leaving it in its original carboard box. you'll save some space and make it less obvious how much you have.

Pretty soon you'll be thinking like a street drag racer and hiding things all over the place in plain sight.

Have some fun with it and use your imgination. What can you do to make it less appealing?
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Re: Camouflage for security

Postby wesurvive » Thu Aug 26, 2010 8:38 am

Great thoughts mike. Can be useful and I agree, if people think they need a tetanus shot just looking at an old rusted out vehicle, they usually won't go near it. Also worked in Arizona when I went there for one winter. Had an old car that I never washed so nobody would steal it in the bad areas outside Tucson where a lot of gangs were always causing trouble. They did try and take my car carriage, but it was chained to the car every night. haha.

Needless to say there was a very expensive audio system in the car, a whole case of Snap-on Tools in the trunk, and other valuables that they would have drooled over, but after a whole winter, nobody wanted the car, they didn't even try to get in it.

I agree with you that if it looks like a junk pile or rusted old car, they usually will walk right on by.
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