Martial Arts - FREE Self Defense ebooks and PDF books

Martial Arts - FREE Self Defense ebooks and PDF books

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There are a lot of people who just want to know self defense, but can't afford to go to a class and time is also a problem. So here are some ebooks you can go through to learn self defense in your own time and for free. As with any self defense class first you learn the technique, then you practice it. It is also good for the mind, body and spirit. It builds up confidence, awareness, builds up your senses and is Great exercise.

During the coming crisis (take your pick what happens first as it is anyone's guess) there will be looters, criminals of all types and even worse out there and you will have to defend yourself.
Even in groups for protection there is a danger of other groups of looters sneaking in and grabbing people from behind and holding people hostage or worse. If you don't know how to get out of that situation and throw off the attacker, then it is time to learn even from manuals.

The concept is to get the idea, you can practice on yourself with some things or in the mirror or on a punching bag. Any age can learn self defense if they can walk and comprehend what is going on. Train as a family, use the punching bag instead of each other since some moves can seriously disable in one blow.

So here it is:

If you want to learn some martial arts or some self defense as it is for, here are some links to information and videos how to learn some of the moves. For those with low confidence the different methods of which you train (with someone or by yourself) also increase your awareness of your surroundings, it helps in spiritual growth in what ever religion you practice (controlling one self knowing right from wrong and not using physical force unless it is for self defense), and it also help build up your confidence to handle fear and threats.

Martial arts or self defense is also used by many different religions in the fact they were frequently attacked in the past, even today they are still practicing self defense because it both builds confidence and growth in spirituality. With self defense comes responsibility and control, which a person learns their limits and what they should avoid so others do not get hurt such as avoiding alcohol. You may see Marines in movies duking it out with Army soldiers and it has happened as a result of insults being thrown back and forth in a bar. Who is not there fighting is the ones who are trained in hand to hand combat to kill and not just disable because they know their responsibility is to protect, not harm. Those soldiers who just went through basic training are just going to swing at anyone who offends them, but a professional will just walk away and avoid the fight because there is no contest and the result would be the poor solder who doesn't know much will be seriously hurt as a result of any altercations.

For the most part what you learn online won't make you a professional unless you practice those moves correctly every single day. To tone and train the body to do those moves instantly as soon as an attacker attacks. All the senses in the body work together to sense a threat and evaluate the situation. Sizing up the person, their skill by the way they move in the attack and their aggression. These all come from simple training every single day and with other people to spar with.

So basically with learning self defense and how to disable or do worse to the attacker comes from responsibility. If a person is a heavy drinker they probably won't be learning self defense to perfection anyway, but if they knew it before drinking heavy they can become a danger to those around them, so responsibility and self control are essential when learning self defense and mastering self defense.

For some it takes a lifetime to master every move in martial arts, but if a person trains with just a few moves and masters those in a short time, they are going to have an advantage over most others.

Things to look for in self defense or martial arts:
Which moves do the most damage with one hit.
Which moves provide the best protection quickly and with less energy.
Which moves require less balance than the rest. (If you get hit and get dizzy or are just dizzy)
Finding which works best from being attacked from behind and in front as well as the sides.
Which moves disable the person instantly. One hit should equal one disabled person.

So what many have done is take the variety of martial arts and combine them into one to make one all around self defense structure that is able to do all of the above.
These methods are also taught to special military units (not anymore really unless it is a BO skill or LRRP special ops unit) and practiced in Dojos that have implemented such techniques to create their own martial art. Some of these methods have been implemented into the Federal agencies that specialize in field work.

There are several martial arts that teach most methods as well to the public.
Here are some self defense manuals you might find useful.

Krav Maga is one. ... 202008.pdf

Aldershot close combat. ... Course.pdf

For more videos and PDF files on self defense (hundreds listed to choose from) you can find online:

There are also self defense manuals and these are great to download and look through.
Videos can be found on Youtube or veoh, even Google video.

PDF files. Several books to choose from. Free.

Here is a 542 MB of download that has over 40 martial arts books included.

Part 2 of the download of more books. A big download.

Just remember these are for hand to hand combat and are useless against bombs or bullets.
So everyone should own a gun as well and know how to use it.
You Must Survive. So prepare for it.
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