Ancient Weapons you can build yourself

Ancient Weapons you can build yourself

Postby wesurvive » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:31 pm

What happens when there are no more bullets and guns are worthless without bullets. Say a solar flare hits the earth and the world is in Chaos and within a year of hunting and protection guns are pretty much left to black powder models if you make the black powder yourself.

So, perhaps it is a good idea to own at least one Black powder rifle and pistol for hunting, even self defense.

Then there are the older ancient weapons that come in handy as well. Protection or for hunting, these will become the weapons of the 21st century when a solar flare hits and it takes up to 5 years to get even marginally back to normal.

So here is a good website of some great ancient weapons you can build yourself.
Most of these can be made with things you already have. ... t-weapons/

There is no such thing as a defenseless people in any Nation. ... apons.html

A list from wiki:

How to build a bow out of wood: ... plans.html

Plans can be downloaded here: ... -plans.pdf

Well pretty interesting stuff, but if you need something to hunt with or just for protection against bandits, looters and thugs you have a lot to choose from.
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