How to stop any tank or armored vehicle

How to stop any tank or armored vehicle

Postby wesurvive » Thu Feb 24, 2011 4:12 am

This is not a joke, seriously people are finding that they are being confronted by militaries when they protest, so if you live in those areas you might find this of interest.

This is one way to get people out of a tank and really nobody gets hurt seriously, that is unless they don't come out and stay in it and choke.

What is the one thing we have to have to survive every second of the day? Air. Right.
So if you take their air away from them inside a tank or armored personnel carrier, they will either come out or die inside the tank. Most will come out, then you simply have a nice tank to use yourself.

Anyway, most toxic fumes are going to be filtered, but if the air is filled with a fine toxin such as gasoline, the fumes will still go through and choke out the people inside the tank. First the fumes, then if they still don't come out in 5 minutes (they may have fallen asleep), but if it still moves, just light the gas on fire. Use a lot of it now, a little just won't do the job, because what the fire will do is use up all the oxygen going inside the tank. The tank will get hot even, eventually they will come jumping out through the fire.

Will you have to keep feeding the fire? If you only used gasoline and a lot of it, you should only have to feed it every 5 minutes or so if it burns down. However, dissolve some styrofoam in with the gas and it burns much longer and makes it extra sticky so it just doesn't run off the tank. Don't have gas? Use alcohol, diesel mixed with some gas or vodka or any type of paint thinner. Anything extremely flammable can be used. Now Ether is really nice to just knock out a tank crew inside their tank also. It is also highly flammable and will burn up in a minute or so. Or you can take some thick mud and plug their vent holes they use for breathing inside the tank. Which ever you prefer or have on hand. Also make sure you throw some rocks in the tank barrel in case they want to use it on the people, it will really make a mess out of a tank when they shoot their gun off.

Truly, what is worse? Having a tank being used on its own people or watching a tank get evacuated because they have no air left? So they have to get out to get fresh air and will recover, but if they start using the tank on people, bullets and tank shells are hard to recover from.

If the tank keeps moving around, then you have to just fill glass bottles full of gas or pour it over the tank from a building and make sure you get a lot of it on the tank. The more gas the quicker they will come out if they don't have really good filters. Now this is also because all you need to do then if they don't come out is light the fire. The tank will be engulfed in flames and the oxygen will be used up quickly. They will come out once they see nothing but fire out their little peek hole and the tank starts to heat up. Most do come out.

Also while a tank sits in one spot keeping watch, sneak up behind it and put a nice pound or two of thermite on the tank track and light it and just walk away. It will burn right through the tank track. Or if you are really mean, putting it on top of the tank will burn through into the tank and make it really bad for the people inside, but be nice and just burn up the tank tracks. If you do it on the back of the tank, this will go through and ignite the tank shells stored inside, also bad to do. Unless you are at war, then anything goes.

What is Thermite? You can find how to make it yourself online, Just do a search for it and even there are many videos on all video sites that show you How-To make your own thermite.

Here is a simple how to from wiki

Now this has many uses. It can burn through prison bars if your friends and relatives are taken away by Nazi soldiers, it works on train tracks if they load people on trains to take them to camps and concentration camps, it works on melting through engines in armored vehicles so they cannot be used by the military. Just carry a bag full, dump it on what you want, light it and run.

Please only use this in an emergency and in times of war or if there is martial law.
Be responsible. After all there is no sense in wasting a good vehicle you can use once you get the people out of them. Save the vehicles at least because you can then in turn use the tanks and vehicles against those dictators in power. =) See a reason for everything.

That is called, Self Defense.
You Must Survive. So prepare for it.
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