Sharp Rocks used as weapons and tools

Sharp Rocks used as weapons and tools

Postby wesurvive » Mon Aug 09, 2010 6:57 am

Throughout history many have used sharp rocks as weapons. Even large rocks to crush the heads of their enemies. But in this case, sharp rocks can be made into sharp knives (some are found naturally sharp) and used as a weapon against the enemy.

Usually walking around you can find shale or some thin flat rock that has a sharp edge. As long as it is sharp or has a fine point, it is a nice handy weapon. It doesn't take much pressure with something sharp on the skin to go through it.

You can also make your own rock knives. Nice thing about rocks is they can be found anywhere. A rock is just a rock until you do something with it, which you can make a simple knife out of a rock that is strong enough to be honed down with another rock.

Now it depends how big of a rock knife you want and what you will be using it for. If you are going to use it to gut fish, you will want something small and sharp and shale provides many types of nice small sharp rocks that will cut flesh and small bones for cutting up meat just as they are found on the ground. Other types of rocks may need to be split with another larger rock and see what comes out of it. Sometimes a sharp edged smaller rock will chip off a larger rock to be used as a knife.

You can also use these knives (larger ones are preferred) to tie on the end of a stick (using vines or string or shoe strings, etc) to make a spear.

You can also use large sharp edged rocks and tie them to a sturdy stick to make an axe. You can use long pointed sharp rocks to make a spade to dig with. (Depending how hard those rocks are.) Trial and error at times until you find one strong enough.

Sharpening rock knives is taking another rock with a rough edge and grinding the sides of the rock blade knife to get a desired thickness, then using another smoother rock (that is strong) to hone it like you would any other knife blade and give it a nice sharp edge.

Then we can get really fancy and make throwing rock knives. Either in the form of a double pointed throwing knife or 3 or 4 pointed throwing knife.

For a great self defense weapon that does a lot of damage to any wild animal or unwelcome guest is simply tie several 4-5 inch rock knives to the top of a wooden club. Pointing out from all directions the club is now a deadly weapon or at least will leave anything you hit with it looking like instant hamburger. A sharp rock on a club makes a nice tomahawk as well. Securing it tightly either in a grove and with some string, vine or what ever is handy makes a nice throwing Tomahawk. The larger the rock, the more damage it will do when you club someone with it. (Most likely killing them instantly with the head trauma).

If you break one knife, there are plenty of rocks to find another to turn into a knife. It is free and they are everywhere. Every size, thickness and hardness. Great to remember when you lose a knife while out in the bush and simply want a knife to make survival that much easier.

Hope this was useful.
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