Reasons to Get a Pet Goose: Family Protection, Garden Mainte

Reasons to Get a Pet Goose: Family Protection, Garden Mainte

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Reasons to Get a Pet Goose: Family Protection, Garden Maintenance and More

Published March 27, 2008 by:
Kerry HoskinS

Geese also produce lovely large eggs which are wonderful for baking cakes, for decorating, for inclusion into a large egg salad or a potato salad. They are somewhat like duck eggs to the taste, and lovely when
scrambled. One egg is enough to feed two or three people a hearty breakfast.

You also won't need a male - female pair when keeping geese. If keeping for pets and protection I recommend you select two females, since males are known to become more aggressive at times. They will not harm those they know, but can be very intimidating. A word of caution though - distract your geese elsewhere when removing the egg from the nest. Remove the eggs as soon as one appears or you will find your goose later sitting on a whole batch which you will not be permitted to get near. Females will lay eggs for you whether a male is present or not.

I once read where a car dealership employed geese as a means to keeping criminal activity to a minimum. The owner was tired of crooks entering his premises and causing some very expensive damage to his vehicles. After placing several geese into his lot, there were no further problems.


When planning to own geese, call your local veterinarian and read some books from the library. They are very low maintenance and the vet can give you advice on what to feed them and how to administer their worm medicine, and what the intervals for treatment are. (which is easier than worming a dog) The library can assist you in designing appropriate shelter for your new and unusual pets.
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