Build your own vapor carb for your generator

Build your own vapor carb for your generator

Postby wesurvive » Mon Sep 24, 2012 8:07 am

Vapor carbs have been around a long time. The only difference is who stands by them and who doesn't. There are a lot of people who swear it is impossible for fuel to put out more than it already does, but many scientists say different.

Concept: One ounce of liquid fuel can expand to 2000 times the volume area. Same with water, same with any liquid that is heated or turns to vapor. Right? So now you have 2000 times more the fuel to use up. In concept that is, but does it really work? YES.

I built one months ago and I use it daily on my generator. I have run gas vapors, rubbing alcohol vapors, old gas vapors (which you can't run in any standard carb except a vapor carb), and I have run methanol vapors, old oil mixed with gas vapors, two cycle oil mixed with rubbing alcohol, two cycle old oil with old gas, and the list goes on. Now, recently I had a brainstorm, why not try propane as it is a gas. So I hooked up a propane tank and it ran fine all day until it got dark out and the temperature dropped. So the next day I took a regulator off my old BBQ and hooked it up in line with my vapor carb and it worked perfectly. I can run the generator all night and day and it will not stop till the propane runs out. (Which I ran one tank for 4 days at 7 hours a day.) Not too shabby. I could get even better than that if I used a smaller gas valve to adjust the gas flow. I may try that eventually.

So here is the diagram of my home made vapor carb using just pipe and gas valves.
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