Alcohol Fuel Still Plans

Alcohol Fuel Still Plans

Postby jpf1030 » Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:44 pm

Another of our round-to-it projects in BSOSC is building an alcohol fuel still. We have copies of David Blume's great book Alcohol Can Be A Gas. It has all the info needed to build a prototype. This is an important project for when we have human resources to work on it. If anyone is interested in heading up this BSOSC project as alcohol committee chairman in the Task Force #6 - Alternative Energy/ Transportation, please contact Mac McQuaid or myself. You don't need to know anything yet, just have a keen interest in working together with the team to get a prototype built. Obviously, whoever takes the lead on this project will get the benefit of owning the first one built, if they so desire. The great thing about alcohol is that it is a renewable resource fuel we can produce ourselves. When any disruption of fuel supplies hits, we will be very thankful for all our efforts to produce fuel in the various methods we are now working on. Without energy to power equipment, we will be totally back to pioneer subsistence...jpf
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