BSOSC Bio-Fuels Program

BSOSC Bio-Fuels Program

Postby jpf1030 » Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:49 am

We have been on some biofuels yahoo groups for the last couple of years and did some research on algae bio-diesel development viability. There is a algae biofuel development Dr. Brooks Agnew was involved in developing somewhere around Corvallis that we visited with him about a year and a half ago, regarding viability on a small family or group scale. It did not seem that the technology is still in early development stage so we have not pursued it any further as of yet.

We purchased a bio-diesel processor, but have never set it up. Mac McQuaid has a fully functioning bio-diesel processor which fuels his off-grid energy system and off-road diesel engines.

This is another alternative energy that could be developed for members of BSOSC if there is enough interest in further work in self- producing this type fuel. If we have any BSOSC member enthused about producing bio-fuel, we need a bio-fuel committee chairman in the Task Force #6 - Alternative Energy/Transportation. If you are interested in working with Mac in this capacity, please let Mac or myself know. We have a wealth of "how to" info compiled for this subject...jpf
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