BSOSC Developments w/ Pyramids

BSOSC Developments w/ Pyramids

Postby jpf1030 » Mon Feb 15, 2010 12:06 am

Our family has built a couple of pyramids, one for a greenhouse roof and one for a root cellar building. Another BSOSC member, Ron Pifer, if completing construction of a pyramid greenhouse. Both of us are anxious to get the construction completed for the pyramid greenhouses, both of which will implement the aquaponics growing system of fish and plants supporting each other. We have dozens of books on pyramids with info on the mysterious energy fields developed in correctly constructed pyramids. Many experiments have resulted in growth rate increases of 300% in pyramids, aside from other energy, healing and meditational benefits.

The pyramid energy committee is an intriguing study. I have volunteered to chair this committee with having about 16 years experience with pyramid study and building over the last 3 years. Anyone interested in being on the pyramid energy committee, please let me know and I can orient you on some interesting things you can do...jpf
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Re: BSOSC Developments w/ Pyramids

Postby montanagranny » Sat Sep 18, 2010 11:15 pm

Has anyone had any experience with using a magnetic motorized generator?? What has proven to be the best type of generator for the cost involved?? Thanks!!
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JPF reply to MtGranny ?...Re: BSOSC Developments w/ Pyramids

Postby jpf1030 » Sun Sep 19, 2010 6:34 am

Howdy Mt. Granny,
In answer to your question on magnetic motor generator motors there have been tons of claims, but no DIY home size power plant system actually developed and running to my knowledge. Check out the link to one of Sterling Allan's websites which reveals the many scams in this area. I have done a little work in this area, but have not succeeded in developing anything viable. So word of warning, don't spend money on a system or for plans. You can always contact Sterling Allan if you think one sounds legit...jpf

Here's the link:
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Re: BSOSC Developments w/ Pyramids

Postby wesurvive » Sun Sep 19, 2010 12:25 pm

Granny, I know of a few on the web that do work, but as with any free energy device (free after it gets working, but parts cost) they usually make themselves pretty hard to get a hold of. The reason is the past and current invention suppression by major oil companies. If they cannot make money from it, they will find anything that is "Free" a threat to them. So it kind of goes like this, upon writing a person I thought that had a working mag motor the email resembled something like a politician would write. He said basically stated after a short twisted email that he could neither deny nor confirm that he built a working mag motor due to the basic instinct he was scared out his mind to let anyone know he built a working model. haha

Others don't care as much, but still try to keep a low profile. Yet, others like some non-profit groups are jamming out all sorts of free energy machines and posting their results all over the web.

There are videos on youtube, I posted a few in the natural energy sub catagory under Task Force 6. Here is one link. viewforum.php?f=135

Another to look up is the Perendev motor, which is also a working model.

Most all types of these inventions and suppressed inventions can be found at too. I have spent months in that site. Lots to look at.

Another was the Howard Johnson motor that was also seen in the Popular Mechanics magazine years ago and it worked, others have made duplicates and posted them on youtube.
Also found in

Or you can google them and find tons of things on them including working units.
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