Rejuvenate your oil, save money and recycle oil yourself

Rejuvenate your oil, save money and recycle oil yourself

Postby ponun » Sat Sep 10, 2011 7:23 am

I learn something new every day that in these hard times we have to do things the old fashion way again, we build it ourselves.

Here is something very cool you will enjoy. Rejuvenate your own oil.

Some may have heard of the frantz oil filter, its really a simple toilet roll oil filter that you put on your vehicle or generator that cleans the oil so it lasts 100 times longer. However, even on small generators I am reading that with great success people are running the oil through toilet paper Frantz oil filters and rejuvenating the oil. This is an inline process, like any other oil filter that keeps the oil cleaner so it lasts longer.

Here is a useful blog that talks about the Frantz oil filter and how it is made. You can make one yourself or you can buy one for around $150 bucks. ... ilter.html

Some Interesting reading about the Frantz Oil Filter and its past.

Or if you want to just purchase a Frantz Oil Filter, you can get one here.

I would rather just build one and save the $150 bucks.

Anyway, its a cool way to save some money and learn something new in the process.


Run your old oil through a toilet paper filter (homemade filter like the frantz oil filter). Then for every 3 quarts you can add a fresh quart to give it its viscosity tolerance again. So a case of new oil will last you several years instead of just one year. There is also adding just one can of engine oil treatment to 5 quarts of oil, which does close to the same. Others report success with just using 1 percent hydraulic oil added to old engine oil (any amount) that is filtered to make oil as good as new again. Just keep in mind you should have that 1 percent hydraulic oil added to the old engine oil. (Filter it first with your homemade toilet paper frantz oil filter).

Just thought I would share, and also thank JPF for bringing up the Frantz Oil Filter.
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