DIY Ethanol still to run your vehicles with when gas goes up

DIY Ethanol still to run your vehicles with when gas goes up

Postby wesurvive » Fri Oct 22, 2010 2:04 am

Ethanol stills, running your car on alcohol. Making your own fuel for less than .75 cents a gallon.

Advantages of burning Ethanol compared to gasoline: Cleaner burning, more miles per gallon, more power and its cheaper.

Now some will complain at the gas pump that the ethanol is making them get worse mileage, but it is because of several things. The ethanol they put into gasoline is low octane, the other additives they put in the fuel also are there to oxidize the fuel and there are over 20 different chemicals they put in fuel today that is not fuel, but junk to be used as fillers (like adding high fructose corn syrup in your food along with other chemicals including plastic as fillers) and those fillers with the low octane levels in gasoline gives you that knocking in the engine and bad performance. Pure ethanol is better for your engine, give you lots more power and way better mileage. You don't even have to change a thing to your engine, just put it in and drive. Best of all, you have and own your own gas station.

Some think you have to do some sort of conversion, but actually you don't. Many old timers in Virginia have been running their trucks on ethanol since the 50's. They still do today. There are videos on youtube that show them doing just that. In fact, the Germans in WWII had to resort to Ethanol to keep their tanks, jeeps and other vehicles running during the war. Other countries have done it as well. Now, why aren't we just using Ethanol in our gas tanks? The Oil lards are making sure you pay for something that has to be pumped out of the ground instead, which Ethanol is not a pollutant, but gasoline is. In fact, you can dump ethanol on the ground and it is evaporated and naturally clean, but gasoline is toxic in both forms.

Here is some talk about ethanol fuel being made.

Making whiskey (ethanol) on Instructables.

Ethanol stills to build or buy in the link below: Best to look for something around 5 gallons, plus if you want to drink it, best to order it. If you make your own, it is much cheaper, but takes just a couple hours to build. I made (with some help) a 20 gallon steel ethanol still. (You can use any steel drum or steel water heater to use a still, just don't drink the alcohol since it is poisonous to humans then. If you want to drink it, then buy one already made from someone who knows what they are doing. This process if for fuel use only.) I am still building the rock shelter to put it in so I won't burn anything else up, that is taking the longest time.

All about Ethanol Stills from MotherEarth News. From a book form you can print off. (With diagrams) ... meCh7.html

Great information about ethanol, including feedstock tables for proof levels and what works best to suit your needs. However, all you really need it sugar and yeast to make alcohol to run your car with.

Building Ethanol stills.

Download plans for ethanol stills.

or in document form:

Also, the final load of links in one place with designs, DIY plans, ideas, and gobs of info: The Mother Load of Information on Ethanol Stills.

Another interesting site about bio fuel and Ethanol fuels. Ideas at work.

Set on being prepared? One thing that we need to expect is moving our vehicles and getting from point A to point B when gas prices are so high we cannot afford a liter of fuel. If the Power Grid goes down, gas pumps will not be open, but you would have your own fuel to keep going.

Again, if you want to have one to have alcohol to drink, buy the small ones that make a gallon. If you want to build or buy one that is to be used for fuel, then it can be made out of steel drums. You do not want to drink the alcohol that is being made for fuel. Just remember that so you won't make that mistake. Bad stuff to drink, great to use as fuel.

Is anyone interested in making and selling Ethanol Stills on here?
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Re: DIY Ethanol still to run your vehicles with when gas goe

Postby jpf1030 » Fri Oct 22, 2010 9:47 pm

Yes, we are interested in making stills. We have been trying to get this project jump started for the last couple of years, but too many priorities keep pushing it back. We have the book Alcohol Can Be A Gas by David Blume, probably the most authoritative book written on the subject. It is available for checkout in the BSOSC library. We consider this a very important alternative fuel source. Our friend, Mick, has been talking about starting building one for over a year. Maybe he will be able to work on it here in our fab shop this winter...jpf
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