Motorcycle or ATV for bugging out

Motorcycle or ATV for bugging out

Postby wesurvive » Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:23 am

Surprised no one has put anything in this category yet.

Well I know most know someone who is elderly and they will not be able to get out of town or even get out of the house when something happens, but in the 80's they used to have a huge fest with elderly people riding motorcycles and mopeds around. Was cool to see. I don't know if they ever did it in Montana, but in Indiana there was some sort of growing trend with it in then.

Well, here is the case. Something happens and say its a large earthquake, the bridges are out, the roads are congested, the only way in or out is with some sort of easy accessible type of transportation, unless you build a VTOL or own a helicopter.

Think about this, most of the year you can run around on a motorcycle. Granted, it would be used for emergency purposes only. Keeping it running would be just taking it out for a short spin once a month, even around your yard. No need to license it because during an earthquake the law will not be giving out tickets and you will not be using the main roads anyway. You can even zip through a field gate and through the field to another persons house you want to check on, or go off road to find a secure place to set up camp at.

Now, riding pedal bikes is cool, but if you are going up hill it is not fun and you have to be in good shape. However, a motorized bike will zip right up those hills like nothing. I used to own a Honda Trail 80 which went anywhere with no problem and it was easy to drive. Very comfortable too. There are other bikes that are designed just for off road use, some can be found on for cheap, others if you buy new are as much as a car. It depends on how much you are willing to spend.

I generally have never bought a bike that cost over $750 dollars in my life. Had many of them and they all worked great. So cheap motorcycles are easy to find. In the late fall are the best prices since people know its not the time of year for those types of things so they lower their prices so they can sell them. An ATV (4 wheeler) is an all around year type of motorized transport. They can be found reasonably cheap as well and have more room to carry two people and even your bug out bags or tents. An ATV will also go across rivers since they float.

Now I paid $500 dollars for my ATV, but I had to put a new battery in it and some new wiring after a year or two, but that was only $50 dollars worth of repairs so shop around and see what you can get. You can also buy chains for the ATV's for winter time. There is room on the front or back for a jerry can for extra fuel so you can go about 150 miles with an extra 5 gallons of fuel. Not bad. How far do you need to go?

Now, they can be made EMP proof since even if they have a few electronics in them you can simply put a switch between the battery (shut off switch) and the capacitor. (Both positive and negative needs to have a switch) (OR simply disconnect the wires going from the Capacitor since some models have that simple disconnect so you can change the capacitor easily.) Then you can also put one on the line going from the capacitor and this way you have two shut off switches. With this design, your electronics on the ATV or motorbike will not get fried. You can also ground the bike with a simple grounding wire or chain, which also helps. Doing these things will ensure you have a motorized vehicle to assist others or to get to another location if you cannot walk long distances. Not a bad thing to have on hand. You can have it on a trailer to pull behind your 1954 pickup and you have a back up transportation if your truck has mechanical problems.

You can also build trailers for the ATV or motorbike to carry extra things on. Or buy one if you don't have the tools to make one or just don't have time.

For winter, there also easy made sleds to pull behind the ATV as well. You can carry two people and extra supplies in a sled. Or use it during all year if you needed to. Be a little bumpier without snow, but it would get the job done. Or just add wheels that can be taken off if need be or just leave them on. Similar to the sled used behind horses, just smaller.

There are benefits from having something on hand just in case. Yes, each item can cost money, but it doesn't have to be and arm and a leg to have on hand. Used work just as well as new.

If you buy one and it has mechanical problems or acting weird and you need some help, there are others in this group who own and operate motorcycles and ATV's that can surely give some tips on what the problem is or help with the problem to fix it. There is also the Internet that is filled with how-to fix anything videos and information, even manuals for every kind of machine out there, even repair manuals. Others also have shops to build parts in if need be or if something needs welding. (Also a thing about welding on this forum as well.)

So the idea is to have something on hand for those who cannot walk long distances. Once the bike or ATV is running well, don't wear it out till it breaks so take it easy on it and its there when you need it. If it needs instant repair, I am sure you will find a host of people who will give helpful information or provide time to fix it (your cost for parts if need be and dinner for their help).

If anyone has one they want to barter with for something else and don't need it, please post it on this forum. Think there is a barter category on here. Just list email if you don't want your number out. I will keep looking for good used bikes and ATV's and post them on here when I see them (in montana of course). Unless someone lives out of state and posts a looking for type of ad on here.

SO which is the best one to have on hand? The ATV (4 wheeler) since you can use it all year round. It also can carry two and pull a sled or trailer. It also has room for bug out bags and an extra gas can. So my choice would be the ATV.

Just thought I would share the benefits of having an ATV or motorcycle on hand.
I have both. I seem to want everything. haha.
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