JPF Comments: President Trump's State of The Union Speech

JPF Comments: President Trump's State of The Union Speech

Postby jpf1030 » Wed Jan 31, 2018 11:59 pm

Howdy Ya'll,

Last night President Trump gave the greatest presidential state of the union speech I've ever seen in my life. Amazingly, polls today show 75% approval rating nationwide which is pretty incredible considering President Trump has only had an approval rating in the 35-40% range in most polls.

We are in vastly and rapidly changing times. All lives will be affected in coming weeks, months and years. What the effect will be personally upon each of us will be largely determined by ourselves!

For better or worse, our personal futures will be dependent upon the level of our participation in socio, economic, political and service related good causes. Sadly the masses of our country's population are so consumed by social media, sports, technology gadgets, gaming, unhealthful indulgences, selfishness and greed that most will never see this speech, much less get publicly involved and engaged to build a better future for themselves or their family.

I encourage each of you to ponder and contemplate for yourself the eternal truth I've experienced in that when we do all we can to be the best we can be, always willing to give service, that we cannot outgive God, the Universe, etc. Each time we voluntarily assist in any worthy cause the Universe makes us consciously aware, however subtly or acutely apparent, of the good works we are doing not only in behalf of ourselves, family and all of humanity.

The laws and government we live under is ultimately the result of our knowledge, activity and service. Evil and unconstitutional laws can only succeed in oppressing we the people when we become so distracted by too many meaningless diversions. Whomever wins in pro sports, comes out with some new video game, mesmerizes people on social media, etc., will soon be forgotten. Only our activism for the common good, charitable caring service and moments of compassion will create memories lasting our entire lives and throughout eternity.

All we need do, is do nothing for oppression and tyranny to destroy the freedoms protected by our Republic, which Benjamin Franklin warned that it would take due diligence on our parts to preserve. Most all of us are familiar with this famous quote: "The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"...Edmund Burke

I am enclosing the youtube link of President Trump's State of The Union speech, encouraging each of you to watch it with your family and friends. Those with children old enough to understand many of the heartfelt people stories, would do well to pause at those points, to discuss with their children. It will truly touch your heart in seeing all the heroic common people that President Trump recognized and honored.

As we get involved in the future of ourselves, our children, our grandchildren and humanity, we will become empowered in creating a great future.

Here is the link to President Trump's State of The Union speech:

Happy Empowerment Trails,

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