Year round frozen food

Year round frozen food

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Tailer and his team of 10 interns are building a passive freezer that will keep food frozen year round using no purchased energy. It’s constructed out of mostly local, recycled or reused products.

“We are going to be using the cycle of hot and cold that is natural to this area in Vermont to make a more sustainable way of freezing and refrigerating food,” Tailer said.

So what’s with all of the soda bottles?

“We are going to line the walls of two rooms with 3,000 two-liter soda bottles filled with water and salt which will freeze when we can open hatches in the winter to let cold air into the room,” intern Rick Mendenhall from the University of Denver said. “When it gets warmer outside, insulation will keep the cold in when we close the hatches.”

The team will keep the hatches closed throughout the summer, to keep the freezer at an expected 23 degrees.

Another room on the bottom floor will contain fewer soda bottles and less insulation, to achieve the temperature of a refrigerator.

“The temperature, even on a hot day in August in the fridge should be 38-42 degrees Fahrenheit,” he said.

By the time the ice begins to thaw in both of the rooms, it will be winter and time to open the hatches and freeze the bottles again, Tailer said.

“The hope is that this cycle can work for 100 years,” Mendenhall said.

The wood from the building as well as the soda bottles and Styrofoam used for insulation, were all found locally, some in Tailer’s backyard.

“Unless we are using things from our own backyards, we are having some kind of relationship with other people’s backyards, which isn’t always good, sometimes its really exploitive,” Tailer said.

The team plans to report the progress of the freezer on its website to encourage other people to build similar freezers.

“The goal of this design is not to say ‘pay us lots of money and you can have one, too’; the goal is that anyone can do it,” Tailer said.
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