Information on every subject ... the Mother Load

Information on every subject ... the Mother Load

Postby montanamac » Sat Oct 02, 2010 1:16 pm

Here is a link that a friend sent me. This link has information on a very wide selection of topics from chickens to agriculture to blacksmithing to raising fish to building a sawdust burning stove and much much more.

Take time to browse through the varied topics. I would suggest saving individual articles that are of interest to you to your computer. When and if the internet goes down or if this site is pulled you will not be able to retrieve the info in the future unless you have it saved.

There are so many topics I did not know where to post so picked this location but don't think it only has to do with Alternative Energy and Transportation.

Lots of information ... take time to look around
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Re: Information on every subject ... the Mother Load

Postby jpf1030 » Sun Oct 03, 2010 12:29 am

Thanks Mac, that is a loaded site. There are a few others which have been posted on in the past, but this one is probably the largest. I really don't know the answer to how to assure continued access to the info. It is far to much in total to try to save to external hard drives, etc. As you say, pertinent info could be downloaded. Even that would be a task of such monstrous proportions that no one would be willing to take on individually. Even a committee effort most likely would not generate enough participating volunteers. You and I, along with a couple of others are accumulating a lot of "How To" help info to share with all. I've accumulated a massive amount in books, CD's, DVD's and downloads that probably cover most things we will need. But the weakness in that assessment is that it is from the perspective of only one person. There is a lot more brain power in BSOSC that could download the info they feel would be important.

At least you have made the resource available for a massive amount of info to be downloaded. It will now be quite interesting to see how many capitalize upon this opportunity you have given them! Thanks again...jpf
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