Currency war, planned to take down FRAUD and bring in AmEuro

Currency war, planned to take down FRAUD and bring in AmEuro

Postby wesurvive » Fri Oct 08, 2010 9:15 pm

Currency war

How long before the dollar falls out of the bottom of the barrel (the rotten barrel) and falls into the fire?

The problem begins where the dollar is not held up by gold and other precious metals anymore, it is held up by only stock values and trading values. This however was bound to fall flat on its face since any other wealthy nation who is on the trade markets can decrease the FRAUD dollar by just increasing its own dollar value. So if China wants to destroy the US Dollar, all it has to do is make its money worth several times more than the US dollar and have a strong trade market. The US dollar falls apart and has nothing to hold it up with since everyone will take their investments and put it into China's trade dollars, leaving America's dollar sitting in the fire.
Now, what will happen to the FED? If this happens, the FED will change over the the AmEuro and then this may be all preplanned to make the North American Union by forcing the people into poverty with high inflation and thinking the people will run to the FED to save them.

To make such a high risk decision as the FED is doing, they are hoping or betting on the odds the people will go with their new money system (AmEuro) since they think they have Americans by the rear, is perhaps a risk that they are willing to take even if it means civil war and separtion of States from the Union. If that happens, each State will print its own money, just as they did in the first civil war.

So, what happens in the next few weeks in the currency war is really what will determine a time frame they intend to destroy the current FRAUD dollar. Where exactly the base line is that the FRAUD dollar will collapse is not yet known, but the FRAUD dollar surely cannot handle too much pressure or it will simply turn back to dust.

However, add in any kind of disaster that hits at the heart of the money flow, Trade markets or the FED itself to disrupt the dollar and break its back completely, that would be perhaps the concern we have had the feeling over that is Obama's big surprise for the Nation. The new AmEuro. Which again, the AmEuro is backed by nothing also since it also takes on the same debt as the FRAUD dollar does. But its perhaps their plan. Gold and silver still hold its value long after any other money has come and gone.

Interesting article back in Jan 2010 about the dollar headed straight to dust.

Where China has actually backed its dollar with gold, the US dollar is fictional in its backing.

It truly is a MUST READ if you are interested.

Quoted from
"There is less potential for the Fed to move these parameters and affect the dollar this time around," Jens Nordvig, head of G10 foreign-exchange strategy at Nomura in New York. "We think the U.S. dollar weakening move is likely to be entering its final phase."

Then they walk away smiling, like it's a natural thing to have this happen and the dollar will never recover. Well, we knew that it was worth nothing to begin with, but it just proves they were behind it the whole time. Organized crime. Pre-planned take over. We also know what their next "phase" is too, hyperinflation, AmEuro and company take over. That is also all over the news, companies merging faster than lightning.
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