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For those Interested in the North Star (Polaris)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 8:31 am
by wesurvive
Ever wonder what the North Star (Polaris) looked like up close?

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NASA has only released very distant pictures from the Hubble of the North Star, but this reason is because of the discovery of a highly reflective surface of Ice and Water, much like that of Earth. The North Star never deviates more than 7 degrees from the Earths Magnetic North and has the exact same amount of days as the Earth does. It never leaves the Earths rotation and is closer than Mars is to the Earth. There is a 3.7 hour difference in days, the North Star has 3.7 hour longer days and Nights as the Earth does because of its little larger size. It spins at the same speed the Earth does. Its cycle is the same as the Earth is in which it shows it also has seasons. The gravity of the North Star is only .7 percent greater than on Earth, which the Gravity to us would slightly be noticeable to us. You may ask yourself also why the two other planets near the North Star are also called Inhabited 1 and Inhabited II among other names that arrived since the 1700's. Studies done by others show there is breathable air much like Earth's on the North Star, with in fact, get this, a slightly higher oxygen level than Earth. There is more to the North Star than many realize and ever thought about. What I have mentioned has come from years of study, tons of research from scientific journals and many other resources. I can't even find anything close to the same on the Internet so far about the North Star (Polaris).

The North Star or called Polaris is part of a 3 star system or also known as the 3 planet system that are close together that all orbit the sun as the Earth does. The distance from the Sun is almost exactly as the Earth's is, only it is above the Earth in its rotation.
I have had several friends who were retired from NASA who also had a great interest in Polaris, which we spend many hours discussing and researching that wonderful planet through any Journals we could get our hands on in the 90's. Roger who was a NASA Engineer had dreamed of getting investments to put together a research project to send a probe and even send a crew to Polaris as it was his dream to travel through space, but it never happened. Some thought he was a nut, but he was a Genius in his own time who helped NASA during the time when Chrysler was NASA and the military was in charge. That he helped designed the engines that finally got our rockets off the ground and into space on all the space race missions. Not to mention he had some great stories of parties in the NASA hangers using rocket fuel and fruit juice as their party drinks.

I have been fascinated by the North Star since I was a kid and through the years of research on anything I could find, I found only one publication from the 80's that an Astronomer saw water on the planets surface of Polaris using an Observatory in Canada. Never again was it mentioned.

You may have wondered why NASA only uses the Hubble to Look into deep space and get close pictures of stars in the edges of our Galaxy and beyond, but never shows any close up pictures of our own closest planets which it can look in detail upon the planets surface. That is because what they find they will not release to the public. Much as the same with Mars and the orbiters that have taken pictures of Mars Surface. Everything is blurry, some pictures had blotch marks on them covering up buildings and other structures and this has even happened on Saturn and Jupiter. We wonder why the North Star has never been a place the Government has wanted to travel to or even send a probe too, but have they already done it? Some sources say we have and others will debunk any idea that we have even though of it. However, why NASA has no real Interest in sending a probe to the North Star or even Mercury may be that they have already done so and know what is there.

The North Star is also vital in Vedic Wisdom, Newgrange and with the Pyramids as there are holes bored to only let the light in from the North Star on certain monuments built. It has been seen as a mystic, mysterious and superstitious planet.

I hope others will find some interest in the North Star as I have and may do some research into this magnificent world.

It may not seem like a Survival topic, but we can learn a lot from other planets and with the fact so man of them are visiting us and we should be doing the same with theirs is that we are all just trying to survive in this Universe in any type of disaster.

As JPF mentioned in the crop circles is that they are a learning tool. Much is discovered in them in both as Energy devices to the alignment of our solar system and how it affects each world including ours. Not only are they sharing information, but technology if we just put the patterns to use, such as many designs are seemingly replicates of magnet motors and the use of magnetic fields that we use today to create energy with in AC and DC motors, but the designs I see are without any outside power source and relying upon just magnetic fields to create energy with in the push and pull reaction.

That looking at other worlds and studying them in which we find some understanding of our suns magnetic fields upon planets and how it keeps them in position and at a certain distances from the sun, we also can use that application to our own free energy methods. So much is yet to be discovered and we are becoming more awakened in this present time to all Truths and discoveries that we can fit into our minds.

If anyone wants to post anything similar to any other planet or their own discoveries or interests, please do so. There is so much to be learned.

Re: For those Interested in the North Star (Polaris)

PostPosted: Mon Feb 21, 2011 7:11 pm
by jpf1030
Howdy WeSurvive,
Thanks for a cool and interesting posting. Yes, I agree, we should be learning all we can about the North Star and other cosmic entities, for within them we very well may find energy secrets as did ancient Egyptians, Mayans and modern day geniuses like Teslal and eccentric Ed Leddskanalin who built Coral Castle in Florida. The key connection in them all was in their study of the cosmos and harnessing energies of the ether in constant and abundant supply always surrounding us. The more effort we devote to free energy development as fast as we can right now, the less vulnerable we are to the rapidly approaching collapse of current grid power systems from solar or nuclear EMP. A few months ago, I was led to getting a couple of high power telescopes, knowing I should, but not yet aware of the exact purposes which are starting to materialize in a few areas. Yep, I'm willing to participate in a learning and doing group led by your in-depth background in this subject...jpf

Re: For those Interested in the North Star (Polaris)

PostPosted: Wed Feb 23, 2011 5:28 am
by wesurvive
That would be great JPF. That would be both exciting and we can learn so much.

I am still amazed that we live on a world among trillions of other worlds and yet so few look up at the sky and enjoy its true beauty and wonder. That looking at those bright lights and using a telescope it is looking at their worlds up close.

Hopefully more people will get involved as well.

Re: For those Interested in the North Star (Polaris)

PostPosted: Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:09 am
by Nanana12
Ed Leddskanalin who built Coral Castle in Florida
genting princess