Egypt looters find the mummy's curse..really

Egypt looters find the mummy's curse..really

Postby wesurvive » Wed Mar 23, 2011 7:04 am

Egypt: Mummy's curse strikes again 03/22/2011 ... t_curse-0/

Remember the stories about the pieces stolen from Cairo Museum during the revolt against President Mubarak? Apparently, like so much you read in the bought media, things turned out rather different. Several museums were targeted. In one, the looters ended up stricken with the Mummy's Curse, thrashing on the floor speaking in tongues...

In his article "Did 'mummy's curse' kill Egyptian looters?"* US-based writer Terrence Aym claims that what really happened in the Cairo Museum that day was that rather than getting their hands on the country's ancient artefacts, the would-be robbers ended up being victims of the Mummy's Curse.

Their mistake? Tearing the heads off two mummies and kicking them around like footballs. Terrence Aym quotes the Museum security guard al-Hamad Genadry, who told the Cairo press that "when he discovered the two goons they were jabbering and drooling-talking in gibberish to the two severed mummy heads".

"They rolled about on the floor thrashing like curs. It was truly quite a remarkable sight," the 52-year-old museum guard said.

In fact that day, several museums - not one, as it was reported - were targeted by armed groups of thugs, as was the case in Iraq where dubious shopping lists were drawn up, before the invasion, by foreign powers. Quoting archaeologist Zahi Hawass, Secretary General of Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities, Aym reveals "A large group, armed with guns and a truck, entered the store, opened the boxes in the magazine and took the precious objects. Other groups attempted to enter the Coptic Museum, Royal Jewellery Museum, National Museum of Alexandria, and El Manial Museum."
End of quote.

Guess there was a curse on those mummies after all. Oops they say.
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