People living over 120 years old? Yep, they still are.

People living over 120 years old? Yep, they still are.

Postby wesurvive » Wed Jun 29, 2011 5:25 am

There are many stories of extremely old people living on the world and people may wonder how they were able to sustain such a long life, but in all they say it is wisdom, a little luck and living healthy that kept them alive.

Amazing stories keep popping up over time of those who claim to be over 120 years old, even as old as 500 years old. Only recently one woman is in fact 120, err now +1 years old with papers to prove it.

120-year-old woman' discovered in Brazil during routine checks on birth certificates ... -Acre.html

Bodyshock: The Amazing Story behind the 256 Year-Old Man ... d-man/1130

Columbia Claims Man to Have Been 128 Years Old ... rs-old.htm

However in Asia, South America and the Middle East there are no records or birth certificates to show how old someone really is.

A man in Egypt claimed to be over 220 years old, even talked about the many wars that happened there in great detail and how he survived. His story never reached the mainstream media, it was in a Gazette with his photo in the 1980's and for all we know he may still be alive today.

A woman in Malaysia also claimed to be 157 years old, she was also just mentioned in one of those tabloids years ago, but she outlived 3 husbands and had over 70 grandchildren and great grandchildren and great great grand children.

Another woman in Peru was said to have died at the age of 238 years old back in the 80's. She too had just been a small blot in an article and showed her family photo of several hundred descendants.

Probably the most fascinating story I ever came across was a man from Greece who had migrated to Jordan and was over 550 years old, which one man set out a several year search for the mythical man and found him. The old man was a bonified Christian his entire life and journeyed throughout the Middle East in search of lost records of the Bible and to tell others what he learned and his journey was a remarkable one at that. He spoke 7 different languages and only one full article in the 70's was ever put out in a small paper. I do remember he would only eat certain things including fish when he could find it or catch it. I have searched for this article over the years since I lost mine that I had, but have had no luck since. I can't remember the paper it was printed in. They labeled him the Apostle John referring to the time when John was told by Jesus that he would live as long as Jesus wanted him to live.

161 year old woman told stories of being George Washingtons helping hand.
Joice Heth was an African American slave who was exhibited by P. T. Barnum with the claim that she was the 161-year-old nursing "mammy" of George Washington. They tried to discredit her age by having a public autopsy in February 25, 1836 because they could not believe someone could live to be that old.

Woman claims to be 130 years old.

Georgian TV locates 130 year old woman. ... ure=relmfu

140 year old woman ARY news. ... re=related

Who even today can prove their age without records, but I would be dearly happy to hear of the days of old.

I remember John Wordal who even at his age could out fish and climb those hills better than I could. For his age and the many miles we put on his RV across 3 States in search of gold and fun, it proved to me you can do anything at any age as long as you never give up. John had an amazing life of experiences, much like us all, but all that is left are his memories, his children and many grandchildren. We can learn a lot from those who have made it further through life than most others. There is an old saying, those who have a mission will live longer than those who don't in life and with a little wisdom about survival and some luck you can live as long as you want to be.
You Must Survive. So prepare for it.
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Re: People living over 120 years old? Yep, they still are.

Postby pnichols » Fri Apr 13, 2012 6:31 am

It is great to learn that there still are people who could stretch their lives to that length considering how the current people has had shorter life expectancies than ever.

All about living healthy if you ask me but there are a ton of other factors that you have to ensure first when you come to it closely.

Personally though, I would choose to live a shorter life that I could enjoy than live long and be a burden for other people.
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