The Planned Radiation leak from Fukushima, NWO plan

The Planned Radiation leak from Fukushima, NWO plan

Postby ponun » Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:47 pm

I got an email from a very credible source that explained the reasons why the Japans radiation leaks are not being contained and how the plan came about in the first place.

For some it is hard to swallow, for others it puts all of the pieces of the puzzle together.

In short this was the process that happened for more than one reason and completes the NWO plan as they had planned. It took over 100 scientists to plan this out in detail and how to destroy Japans nuclear plants and create a leak that would drift over to American soil. It would destroy both Japan and the USA and depopulate the world all in one shot and leave all resources and wealth intact.

It was a two stage attack. First HAARP would be used to try and create a large earthquake, but as a backup several nuclear devices were planted deep within the fault along Japans coast through oil wells which can go for miles in any direction when drilling. If HAARP failed, the nuclear bombs would do the rest and the combined would create a larger earthquake. The result would be either the shake or the waves would destroy several of Japans nuclear reactors.

What the NWO wanted to do was depopulate the world, save the resources and assets and destroy Japan and the United States.

The reason was because Japans Yen was becoming more powerful than the Euro and the Dollar and in time would have just competed with China's Yuan. Japans long Imperial plan since World War II is no longer ever going to happen and Japan will never control the world now. This eliminates Japan completely from being a world power as the radiation will wipe out Japan completely. Japans economy and its infrastructure is being eaten away by the radiation. Any other resources such as oil and gas, gold or other metals will stay intact long after the people are no longer there.

America was the next target. The H1N1 virus didn't work and any other plague would cause panic and even destruction of property and assets, even risk the lives of those in power to complete the plan. However, Radiation was the perfect weapon. It kills silently and leaves all resources and assets intact. By having the reactors leak for months and even up to a year or more, more people would get sick and die as a result of the radiation. There would be many different types of illnesses caused from the many different types of radiation.

America's infrastructures like Japans would be slowly eaten away by the radiation. Food will not be edible, livestock will have to be put down, and starvation would set in. An already weak economy cannot last. The radiation will have infected 90% or more of the US population and with an expected 80% death rate in 7 to 10 years, depending on how much radiation can be released to infect the population over an 8 to 12 month period.
The plan would be success to them if the people do not realize what is happening before it is too late and when the people are sick enough they cannot resist.

In the end, the population of the US, Canada and even the upper part of Mexico is depleted and even a few million in Europe. All resources and assets are still intact and that wealth can be gathered in the future by who ever is left and will be owned by the NWO members.

The puzzle comes together and you see the bigger picture now.

So, no matter how much you have prepared it will be all in vain unless you prepare to deal with radiation, stock up on seeds and grow your food in a sealed greenhouse with an air filtration system. Buy and stock up on foods packaged or canned before march 2011.

What makes this the perfect plan? It is every bit deniable and any illnesses caused by radiation cannot always be traced back to radiation unless there are special tests done.
It does its dirty work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Radiation is a silent and deadly killer. It is doing what they have dreamed of doing for years and leaving all resources and valuables intact without war or nuclear war, plagues or uprising of the people.

That is until we found out. Now we know and we are the resistance.
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