NWO ants need to wake up and fight for good

NWO ants need to wake up and fight for good

Postby ponun1000 » Thu Mar 22, 2012 6:06 am

It seems there have been hacker attacks on decent websites, usually any website that are trying to help people survive and prepare for the worst, cure themselves without going to a commie doctor or just know what is really happening in the world.
The number of attacks on any of the tens of thousands of self help websites is in the thousands every month, but if it happens to us we will keep going as we are backing up everything and re-posting it all if need be.

Well, hackers like to think they are doing something for a greater cause, for an achievement to say they hacked a well guarded server or to say they can add to their names to the hacker wall of fame of how many large corporations they took down. When I was a teen, hackers were set on finding information that nobody else had or knew about in the public. Today it seems some of the knowledgeable hackers can do more good than bad, but choose to work for the dark side rather then the resistance. However, there are many good white hat hackers out there fighting against the evil black hat hackers. The good hackers are the resistance, the evil hackers are the enemy and so physically and virtually there is a war between the two as the evil hackers are slaves to the NWO and the good hackers are volunteers who work without pay to defeat the NWO.

Perhaps those who work for the dark side never read or heard about the story of which a Russian Female Reporter wrote telling her experience with a Russian hacker who was hired to steal money from the Twin Towers before they fell. After the NWO stooges were done with the hackers, all of the hackers were killed. So hackers working for the dark side usually end up having a very short life span because eventually the NWO will see hackers as a threat that also can take them down if any of their own workers got upset at the NWO.

However, the good hackers out there deserve a pat on the back and a beer at the least. They are the resistance fighting against the dark side and good always wins in the end.

It is sad that any hacker would go after a simple website that did nobody any harm. I would figure even the Chinkese would go after some larger target to break into such as SID at the white house. After all SID is watching all that is going on in the world on live TV screens from drones. How about the FEDWIRE, gosh that network exchanges billions each day with other countries.
How about those hackers look up projects that affect us all in the world, such as Project Eclipse. Dark side of the moon. Broad axe, the list goes on and the Chinkese and the USSA is going after tiny websites? Obvious the Chinkese think the USSA isn't planning to take down china in the near future, say in a year.

As long as you keep resisting you will prevail against the NWO.
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