Excellent Article: "Waking Up Is Hard To Do" from S. Allan

Excellent Article: "Waking Up Is Hard To Do" from S. Allan

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Howdy All,
In his newsletter today, Sterling Allan's newest article, "Waking Up Is Hard To Do" really hits home in what a challenge it is for every first member of any family to endure the cynicism and criticism toward their awakening. It is an excellent piece of writing work by Sterling which will revitalize those weary awakened ones and encourage others who are about to start the awakening process. Take courage and Get Prepared!!!...jpf
Waking Up is Hard to Do

"Waking up" isn't a one-day event, though it often starts that way. It is an ongoing process of re-learning everything you ever learned, correcting the brainwashing and seeing the world through new lenses. But the hardest thing is overcoming the social ostracism that accompanies observing things radically differently from those around you.


by Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News
September 2, 2012

Friday in an interview with Jessica, a reporter from the New York Observer, regarding the movie, "Thrive," she asked me how much of that film I agree with, pointing out that the movie has many detractors on the web who point out its flaws. She also said that some people who might agree with certain portions of it, have problems with other portions of it.

I told her that I would say that I agree with about 95% of what is presented there.

That was the easy part of the answer. I then explained why it is that there are a range of responses to a film such as this, or any point of departure from mainstream thinking.

I point back to when I was a Junior at Brigham Young University when I first "woke up," when my roommate, Brian Jenkins, had me read the book: None Dare Call it Conspiracy, by Gary Allen. That's the book that woke up Alex Jones too.

Brian Jenkins, ran for US Senate

My first reaction when reading it was disbelief. "How come I have never heard about any of this before? If this was true, surely I would have been told about it before now."

But there on the back cover was an endorsement statement by former U.S. Secretary of Agriculture (and Mormon President), Ezra Taft Benson: "I wish every person in the free world and behind the iron curtain might read this excellent book."

Ezra Taft Benson in this 6 April 1972 conference address says its not a conspiracy theory, but a conspiracy fact. He also endorses the book None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen...1:48 Min. Video

I told Jessica that when people are faced with a cognitive dissonance like this for the first time, they are at a crossroads and have a decision to make. They can put their head in the sand, ignore it, and hope it goes away, and go on with their life as they have grown accustomed, without any significant disruptions -- until it is too late (using the boiling frog analogy). Or they can choose to investigate the matter to find out if there is something to it, what it means, and adjust their view and life accordingly (getting out of the heating pot of water).

Even though the awakening might have started with a singular event, the process of awakening is an ongoing and challenging one.

Think of how long it took you to learn what you know. Then realize that a lot of what you were taught turns out to be skewed, so now you must revisit everything and adjust per the new paradigm.

Once you wake up regarding one aspect, you soon realize that the same kind of cover-up and misrepresentation is found in virtually every discipline: health, politics, religion, education, media, birth, death, and so forth.

When I was first just opening my eyes, I remember hearing people say things that just blew me away, and I thought, "how could someone possibly believe that?" Then five years later I was saying the same kinds of things.

Because I've been at this study since around 1986, I've had a long time to examine, process, and adjust my world view. So when I see stuff in the Thrive documentary about UFO's, I can relate to that because of all the evidence I've reviewed and the thinking I've done. Ditto for the Federal Reserve, fiat money system, corruption in the body politic, 911 being an inside job, corruption of the education system, corruption of the media, etc.

Waking up isn't just a mental process. There are social ramifications as well that entail a shuffling of friends and associations. People who used to be friends will distance themselves, not being comfortable with the cognitive dissonance you create for them, while they prefer to keep their head in the sand. It can become lonely, though you will find a few new friends. As for associations, you can find yourself marginalized if not excommunicated from your church, fired from your job, kicked out of your favorite club. Just remember the saying: “New wine cannot be put into old bottles, lest they burst.” Your new way of seeing things will not be welcome in your old world.

This element is much more difficult than just processing the information. Who likes being called a “crackpot” or “fringe” or “conspiracy theorist” or “tin foil hat wearer”. We are social creatures by nature, who want to be accepted and loved by our peers. Getting marginalized is not an enjoyable experience; but you have to get used to it and be okay with it if you’re going to continue in the path of the awakening. You realize that mockery is a fundamental tool of the conspirators to dissuade people from seeing things the way they really are. Black becomes white, white becomes black.

It becomes very much like what is depicted in the “Matrix” movies, where there are two co-existing realities. You might be walking down the same street as everyone else, but how you see the world is completely different than how those who are not awakened see it.

The “Patriot Act” is as un-Constitutional as could be imagined. The “terrorists” are the guys running the puppet government, and the “tea party fringe” being labeled as potential terrorists are the true heroes and will probably make up the remnant government that emerges from the ashes. Doctors become drug-pushers for profit, and the hippie herbalists are the ones healing people. News anchors lie for a living for their overlords, whereas alternative media is out there digging up the truth and reporting it the best they can on limited budgets. NIST becomes a tool of cover-up of how Building 7 fell at free-fall speed, while a humble BYU professor, Steven E. Jones, gets “retired” for pointing out the demolition-consistent nanothermite and iron microspheres that were found replete in the dust. The Justice system is no longer about justice but enforcement of the police state. Education is about brainwashing, not learning how to think for oneself. Religion is about learning how to follow the leader, rather than connect to and follow God via conscience. The very government that denies UFOs exist is the one paying for them and keeping them for themselves through black budget projects. The elite dig underground bunker facilities to prepare for the end of the world as we know it, while making fun of and suppressing preparedness-minded people who try and go off grid.

What adds to the difficulty of the awakening path is that friendship and community is so hard to achieve. Those who awaken become fiercely independent and strong-willed, of necessity, as part of the dynamics of waking up and not being trampled by the counter-current of society. So it is hard for these Mavericks to get along with each other. A person’s eccentricity is directly proportional to the distance they are outside the box. Eccentric people, by definition, don’t get along very well with others, even friends. Being marginalized results in fewer social interactions, resulting in reduced social skills. You can get to the point that you don’t even want social interaction, while still needing it.

I would argue that while waking up is hard to do, it is meant to be this way, just as a chick hatching from an egg needs the exercise of hatching out in order to thrive.

Evil is not going to permanently prevail. As we put our trust in God, primarily directed by conscience, victory will be ours before too long.

And once we gain victory, a new and glorious world of freedom, love, peace, and enlightenment will be ours, and we will transform from being anathema to having anthems of praise and gratitude expressed for our fortitude in making a difference, standing in the gap when it would seem no one else was willing. Not that our ego depends on such vindication, for to us the ultimate validation is just seeing goodness prevail and a better world emerging.
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