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Great Enlightenment Video: "2012 A-Z" - A Galaxial Event

PostPosted: Tue Dec 18, 2012 6:09 pm
by jpf1030
Howdy All,
Here is the link to a pretty cool and informative video, an hour and 11 minutes long, explaining the historical cosmic cycles, Mayan calendar and what is happening currently in the solar system.
"2012 A-Z" - A Galaxial Event of Disneyesque Proportion" ... xMymXI4KAg

It is "disneyesque", meaning it is loaded with cool graphics, which will make it interesting and entertaining, as well as very enlightening to most any people. I sent it to a most awakened friend who loved it, as we did. If you are going to watch it (for which you will be glad you did), you should watch it in the next 3 days.

By the way, the precise time of the solar and galactic alignment will be at 4:11 AM our time, Mountain Standard Time or 5:11 AM for Central Standard Time on 12/21/12. So here we are 65 hours and counting down as of the time of this letter. Wahoo, I almost feel like the grandkids waiting to open the "energy" presents under the tree, only on the 21st instead of the 25th!!!

Below is an email I sent this AM to the guy who did the video. He must be some kind of super enlightened person to have compiled such an impressive presentation. Interesting times are upon us. Get Prepared!!!...jpf
Howdy Marc,

A big thanks and kudos to you on your awe inspiring video presentation, "2012 A-Z"!!!

I downloaded it a few days ago and watched it with my wife, Starr, last night, having a bunch of "wow" moments. I sent it to my 'cosmic' buddy down in St. George, Ut., who also embraced it. When I told him you are Marc the Arcturian, I knew he would resonate with it big time, since he identifies with Arcturus connection.

I've tried to enlighten many doubting, nay-saying religionist folks for decades about the reality of the influence of the Orionians, Arcturians and Pleadians, referring them to the scripture Job 38:31. I'm always feeling connection with what I call my 'BOW' Team (Beloved Orion Warriors). Maybe I'm a tad tetched, but its fun!

You have given us a great tool to help educate family and friends. Over the last several years, we've tried to share the majority of info from your presentation, but haphazardly fragmented of much less depth than your great video.

After we watched the video last night, we called Tim to let him know I felt like a (60ish year young) kid in being mega anxious to open "energy" Christmas presents on the morning of the 21st rather than the 25th.

I've read many books on the Mayans and Egyptians, including now reading the excellent book of Mayan Shaman, Ac Tah and having recently finished another great book by Don Miguel & Don Jose Ruiz, The 5th Agreement. A few nights ago, I watched a very good movie on shaman, Don Alejandro (Wandering Wolf). A day before that I saw another super video, "2012 Crossing Over".

All of the above guys and yourself are great examples and inspiration for the future. As the scripture says, it will be a "great and dreadful" day, a person's vibration level will determine which it is for them. Wahoo, I'm pumped for a great day beginning!

Starr and I founded a local community service self-reliance preparedness group several years ago to help folks get spiritually and temporally prepared for the coming changes. Our blog/forum is We have monthly meetings teaching people homesteading skills to spiritual awakening. It is a good feeling in reaching out in service to help so many other people prepare for the new paradigm as the old paradigm is now rapidly accelerating into collapse under the weight of its own darkness.

Once again, I express our gratitude for your 5125.36 hours of hard work in putting together such a great presentation.

Happy Preparedness Trails,


Jim Farley, Gen. Mgr.