Wow, Has Humanity Ever Been Duped!!!

Wow, Has Humanity Ever Been Duped!!!

Postby jpf1030 » Sat Jan 21, 2017 5:04 am

Howdy Ya'll,

The below linked interview of Wes Penre by Robert Stanley at this link ... 9-2-16.htm will most likely really rattle your cage of your belief paradigm of creation and eternity as it has mine. The written interview will then put you on to Penre's new "wow" e-book. All I can say about it is like replying when people ask you what is the best book you have ever read and you say, "the next one"!!! This next one is "wow"!!!

Probably very few people will be ready to seriously contemplate any significant degree of eternal truthfulness to the below interview. This is not because some of us are any smarter than others, it is only due to the fact that others have not delved so deeply into these subjects over the last 5 to 25 years since the conscious awakening commenced for many of us.

For the first time, this interview pieces together virtually all the myriad information of creation, purpose and goals for humanity many of us have explored in seemingly endless rabbit holes. Truly, the more I learn the dumber I realize I am. However, this interview certainly gives me another awakening quantum leap to ponder.

I had only recently in the last week discovered the works of Wes Penre, which step by step led me to this interview he did with Robert Stanley. Though the revelations given by Wes Penre will wonderfully stretch the cognitive comprehension of "out there" guys/gals like many of you, there was a strong harmonic resonance coming over me through the course of reading the interview. That said, I was experiencing numerous moments of consternation at pondering seeming contradiction with some of my previously held ideas (partial misconceptions) of "all that is"!

To his credit, Wes Penre does not ask anyone to blindly believe him, but to do their own research for confirmation or redirection (as I always like to put it). Though this interview info has caused confusion to some degree in my clarity, it has also opened up intriguing considerations. At the end of the interview, Wes gives the link to his free new e-book which has been described as probably the most important book we could ever read. Here is the info on the book from his website:
On Monday, July 25, 2016, I completed and released my new e-book (downloadable for free), "Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind--A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond" on this website [HTML] [PDF].
This book thoroughly and in an easy-to-understand way discusses the biggest threat to mankind since the beginning of our biological species. I am exposing the real intentions behind Artificial Intelligence and it's main goal--the Singularity. The book also discusses the Extraterrestrial Issue, which is tightly woven into this movement.
The threat is very real and is currently also widely discussed in mainstream media. I can't emphasize enough how important it is to understand what is written in this book--our survival as individuals and as a species literally depends on it. This is by no means an exaggeration.
The two things that are most important to know about the Singularity are that it means the destruction of the biological species we call Homo sapiens sapiens, and it also means the ultimate control of the human soul by a negatively driven ET force. If this interdimensional force succeeds, our souls will be trapped and run by an Artificial Intelligence Super Computer by 2045! By many, this e-book has been called "Wes Penre's Masterpiece."

Though seriously overloaded with new books to read in my escalating discovery process, now I feel a compelling need to find time to read the above book. The link for the free e-book is: ... larity.pdf

My recent experiences simply confirm the teaching of Jesus to "search and ye shall find". Something significant is happening for me over the last month in being consumed with "accelerated searching", just one small example being the discovery of the Anastasia Ringing Cedars series of books. Anastasia is the one book I would encourage everyone to buy as probably being the most important book you will ever buy. I can virtually guarantee anyone who purchases this first book will then be led to purchase the other 8 books in the series plus yet another later volume. I already purchased 2 sets of the Ringing Cedars series books.

Prepare to have your present belief systems, such as ascension, dimensions, etc., challenged when you read the interview, even without going to the plethora of additional information links embedded in the interview, including the link to Penre's new e-book.

Happy Enlightenment Preparedness Trails,

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