Awakening...Celebrating Conscious Independence

Awakening...Celebrating Conscious Independence

Postby jpf1030 » Sun Jul 04, 2010 7:26 pm

Hey Starrley,
Thanks for sending yet another good consciousness awakening article. If people could just "get" the lesson of the below, "Celebrating Conscious Independence" article, all would make a quantum leap in the ascension process. As always, the answer lies within. There is seldom ever any need to credit or blame any life experience on any source outside ourselves.

When people come to understand "Nothing Happens To Us, But Everything Happens For Us", they will then be able to look at any life experience objectively, throwing off the victim attitude of saying, "Why Me", finding it will become far easier to understandably say, "Why Not Me". Only then will we truly be able to grasp the eternal message, "I Am, That I Am."

I will post this on the bsosc blog/forum for all...jpf
Celebrating Conscious Independence July 4th, 2010

The United States celebrates its Independence Day today. Its a celebration for a people having liberated themselves from a tyranny. In this case the tyranny was imposed upon a people by a government and those whose controlled its money supply (sound familiar?).

If we look deeper into the underlying consciousness dynamics involved it is possible to gain an expanded awareness of how governments and other related authoritative bodies and their actions and behavior are but manifestations of a collective unconsciousness.

These manifestations take place sometimes on a grand scale in order to bring what is operating within our collective unconscious into collective conscious awareness.

This same principle applies also to the things that happen in our individual lives. Things that we do not wish to have in our lives often times show up to point out something going on deeper in our subconscious and unconscious being.

Today seems like a truly great energy day to look more deeply at how we can gain liberation from the tyranny of our own inner shadows. The shadow is simply that which is not yet fully conscious. Once a shadow aspect of our being receives the full spectrum of the light of consciousness it is then operating at an entirely different frequency and in a conscious modality.

The most direct way to gaining liberation from the shadow is thus to bring it into the light of conscious awareness. In order to bring the shadow into the light of conscious awareness we need to be willing to take full responsibility for everything we experience. Yep, that's a BIG job, but it is one worth having.

One significant key I have found to be very powerful in achieving this is to work on being aware enough to recognize, moment by moment, that anything we are feeling and experiencing within ourselves is just that, something going on within US.

Its very easy to get into rationalizations spun out by our ego that something else is responsible for what we are experiencing. Something else may indeed be responsible for triggering what we are experiencing.

Yet we have the power within us to expand our awareness around whatever that trigger is. This in turn shifts our perceptions about it and that inevitably leads to updated thoughts and feelings. The entire chain reaction I have identified herein, which is stemming from an expansion of awareness, ultimately transforms our experience of whatever the situation was into something else entirely. We are RELATING to it differently now. Expanding our awareness is the key.

To the degree that we are able to accomplish this we are also able to celebrate being conscious and independent of the tyranny of our own shadows. Contemplate this for a bit. If you were able to always take full responsibility for EVERYTHING that you internally experience wherein you never projected any causation for your inner experiences onto anything or anyone else, what might your life be like?

This endeavor has many levels of subtlety to it as well. It is important to engage this wherever you are in the process right now, and allow it to simply and naturally unfold its thousand petaled lotus of subtlety to you in its own way and time. When one layer of petals has unfolded another will then begin its course of unfoldment and so forth until your lotus of consciousness has fully blossomed.

Its also important to always celebrate what you have already accomplished as well. Therefore today, I am offering you an opportunity you join me in bringing our hearts together to celebrate our Conscious Independence from the shadows of the past which we have already transformed, and to celebrate the Conscious Independence we shall attain soon from our shadows of today.

When enough people on our beloved planet have achieved independence from the tyranny of their own shadows we will then know a world which no longer has a need for larger manifestations of the collective unconsciousness shadows. This will be a world which operates on purely conscious light, love and awareness.

Its in all of our dreams, we are together dreaming this world into reality.

Blessings of Conscious Independence,
Simeon Chiron Nartoomid
Cosmic Nexus

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Re: Awakening...Celebrating Conscious Independence

Postby Wayne » Mon Jul 05, 2010 11:31 pm

Hi Jim and Starr,

I'm not too sure about the 'unconscious collective', seems to me to be a rather small bunch of TPTB enjoying our efforts, property, etc. Theirs' seems to be a conscious, desire- pattern fed by messianic megalomania. Sorta like a president or two I can think of.

The author is partly right, but I'm not too sure about how 'clear'. We're trippin' the metaphysical here.

Right on with "Why Not Me".

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