Education: Amazing ancient discoveries that will amaze you

Education: Amazing ancient discoveries that will amaze you

Postby wesurvive » Sat Nov 20, 2010 8:30 am

Archeaologist findings. Things that will amaze you.

Some very old findings. 75,000-year-old shell beads. A nice science discovery. ... aeren.html

A nice blog about some old findings, good reading.

"This new date confirms earlier estimates that humans were in the Manix Basin, near the base of the Calico Mountains, as early as 125,000 to 200,000 years ago," Budinger said. ... dinger.htm

Romans were in South America. ... anbust.htm

Older than the copper age? Yet the Alaskan Indian settlement is over 25,000 years old and has many different metal tools.

The Alaskan settlements (over 30) were located in the Endicott Mountains, which was also called Indian pass in the Brooks range.
This area is still slowly being researched by archeaologists, but no further grants have been issued to study this area. The only archeaologist to study this area has found gold, silver, copper, brass and even iron hardened with copper (hard as steel) tools and weapons. The items he had dated goes back to 25,000 years ago. The Walter Hickel Highway goes through this area near the settlements. Alaskans who have stopped there over the years have found thousands of objects, weapons, pottery and gold jewelry, including stone and gold statues and various other artifacts. This is listed in several older gold mining books of lost treasures and ghots towns. I read about this place as a teenager in another lost treasure and lost cities book. One place I never got to go, but always wanted to. I just can't imagine all the findings still to be found there. The latest book I can find any mention of this lost settlement is in "Buried Treasure of the United States, How and where to locate hidden wealth" by Robert F. Marx.
And again, the frozen indian found in the ice that was found in Alaska was much older, died from copper poisoning.

Until 1997 no site was widely accepted as pre-dating the Clovis culture (11,000 to 11,500 radiocarbon years before present). That year, a blue-ribbon commission of Paleoindian specialists visited Monte Verde, a site in Chile with dates averaging 12,500, and declared it to be valid. Other possible pre-Clovis sites include Hebior and Schaefer, Cactus Hill, and Topper. Meadowcroft and Pedra Furada have also been proposed as pre-Clovis. Additional early sites include Taima-Taima, Pedra Pintada, Santa Barbara in the Channel Islands, Quebrada Tacahuay, and Quebrada Jaguay

Early American history article by Yale University and their studies: ... .07.x.html

People have been living in America for over 150,000 years or more. ... 104010.htm

AMAZING ANCIENT DISCOVERIES! Wow, this will surely amaze you. Really cool artifacts. ... -Artifact/

Just look at this and check out each one by clicking the arrow. You will think, how can that be? ... sphere.htm

This one I will talk about later, the earth battery found in a geode. Yes, it is a real battery, like the baghdad battery.


More amazing finds. Bronze coins from 300 feet dug up? A doll found hundreds of feet down? An Iron pot falling out of a piece of large coal? Amazing!

More findings in America. ... 80700a.htm

Amazing Ica stones reveal book like how-to surgeries to details of dinosaurs.

Image ... 20Peru.htm

Sandal found in Oregon, guess how old it is? ... ave-a68279

Another cool find in America, a disk that has the star chart on it. ... 18892.html

Image ... sindex.htm

Old stone buildings found in America, very old and viking.

Old disks from ancient tribes in America.

Giants of North America. Some stood over 12 feet tall. Not in the history books.

Some were just enormous!
This other one is not in America, but still good to show. ... leton.html


People are still guessing who they were, what time frame they come from and still more research goes on.
Here is a great site to see more awesome pictures and what others say they think about them. (on a blog) ... 39668.html

Could giant humans have built some of the structures that seem so large? Maybe. Some day we may find out. ... .race.html ... giant.html

And another great site.

Well, this is good for now for a start. I will continue later with more great stuff.
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Re: Education: Amazing ancient discoveries that will amaze y

Postby ponun » Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:13 am

That is Amazing! Yes, the education system is a racket, corrupt, misleading and uninformative. Even the fact schools teach sex education like it is a How-To subject instead of telling children that each body contains sophisticated bacteria and when two bodies share fluids there is a mix of that bacteria. A girl kisses 40 boys in one day and she will get sick because her immune system cannot handle all the complex bacteria introduced into her body. The other fact is procreation (sex) was designed by the Creator to have babies, not to be used as a toy. Hence the organs are called, "Reproductive Organs". Schools are lacking in the area of reality when it comes to telling students what their bodies are for.

This information needs to be put in books, not only would it educate children, but adults as well. I wonder how many actually even heard of some of the things listed or wondered what was kept from them throughout their life.

Interesting, amazing and very informative.
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