Latest in the News. War Criminal gets cozy job at UN

Latest in the News. War Criminal gets cozy job at UN

Postby wesurvive » Sun Nov 21, 2010 11:49 pm

In the News, things you won't believe is happening.

War Criminal who killed 40,000 gets cozy job at UN. ... d-nations/

New Bill gives illegal immigrants with criminal record residency. ... latestnews

They are trying to say now that biofuel is more dangerous than coal fuel. ... latestnews

"We see Russia as a partner, not an adversary," Obama said. Obama meets in private with Russian dictator. ... tml?hpt=T2

Christian in Afghanistan faces the death penalty for being Christian, at least converting to Christianity. ... am/?hpt=T2

And something you will believe is a Senator tells it as it is, prepare for an economic meltdown. ... le-track-1

Tent cities getting more attention, wow only after 2 years of hundreds of tent cities went up from people losing their homes. ... cnn?hpt=C2
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