13+ million Americans homeless

13+ million Americans homeless

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It is unclear how many exactly are on the verge of hunger, but a poll I saw 2 months ago said it was at 30 million Americans. Given the fact that many layoffs have happened and there are no jobs to be found, welfare is not there for single men as it is for women with children. Even then, many go hungry.

With 13+ million homeless who lost their homes due to foreclosures in the last 2 years alone, (granted some moved in with family or friends) it is hard to say what the others are doing for food and where they are getting it. Tent cities numbered 1511 across America as of January 2011, that number has increased since then and they are getting no help from either State or Government that they thought would help them. Most are forced out of areas and sent further out of view of the city and towns folk who had complained about the growing number of homeless roaming the streets.

Homeless people are trapping birds and small animals in parks for food.
http://www.brooklynpaper.com/stories/34 ... 06_bk.html

In 2004 only 3.5 million adults and 1.5 million children were homeless. In the last 3 years that number has doubled each year from foreclosures.
http://sgtreport.com/2011/07/outcasts-t ... e-streets/

Over 75,000 US veterans are homeless in the USA as of July, 2011. The price they pay for serving their country.
http://vetlawyers.com/vetblog/index.php ... d-in-2011/

Some more horrible facts:
There are currently 925 million hungry people in the world. It isn't because there is no food to eat, it is because they do not have the knowledge to grow their own food. The Governments do not allow seeds to be sent to the hungry so they can grow their own food in some areas (Africa, Middle East, even some areas of Europe and even England), as stated by a missionary I talked to recently. You actually have to sneak the seeds in to those areas so they can grow their own food.

Here is a link for thought.
http://www.worldhunger.org/articles/Lea ... 202002.htm

Now for the hard to swallow fact: 10.4 million homes are on the verge of foreclosure right now in America and they will lose their homes within the next 5 years. Add that to the homeless list. It is not looking good.

There are several things that can help. Handing out Seeds and helping get a new gold rush going. If you have extra land that people can work together to build a structure on and work together building a greenhouse to help provide their own food it would help both them and you. Many are middle class people who lost everything. One day they were on top and the next they are in the gutter starting all over again with nothing. They are skilled in all areas and many are even construction workers. Help them and they will help you.

Welcome back to the 1930's all over again.

Foreclosed homes on the rise, only 222,740 properties foreclosed in June 2011. Only.
http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/07/ ... 8H20110714

Think we have problems?
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