Seeds are the currency of future trade, better than gold

Seeds are the currency of future trade, better than gold

Postby ponun » Sun Jul 31, 2011 6:12 am

This is so important that I hope everyone is getting their seeds if they do not already have them. There are many seed banks to buy from online, including online stores like and those gardens in a can are worth every cent.

Let me explain.

4 Months ago Japans earthquake ruptured several nuclear power plants. That radioactive dust has swept across the ocean and across Canada, the USA and Mexico. It then went further over and has now spread across Europe.

When all plants that are edible are deemed not edible because of radiation contamination, what will be sold in stores?

All livestock is now contaminated as well. Meat is a thing of the past for many years.
Fish caught off the east coast is still edible, except Florida and the gulf oil spill areas.

It won't be long now. The fact is, the food sold in stores that was packaged or canned after March 2011 is most likely unsafe to eat. EPA studies done before they turned off all monitors and stopped showing soil and plant test results showed the radiation across America was over the safe health limits in each and every State across America and Canada.

Japan still has not even started to build one sarcophagus and you know that means more radiation will fall across America and Canada for many months to come. The soil will be contaminated by all types of radiation that will make the food grown not edible, in fact it is already not edible. The only way you can get safe food is grow it yourself in a greenhouse outfitted with a air filtration system on the vents using uncontaminated soil or scraping off the top 5 to 10 inches of soil that is contaminated.

Not scared? Then eat that food from the fast food joints and eat those fresh greens at the stores. Anything grown outside above the equator is deadly now and I mean it will do its dirty work over a few years time and cancer is nothing to laugh at.

What about detoxing your body? Well, detoxing the body is great, but putting the radiation back into the body daily and taking more in that your body can get out defeats the purpose. Detox only works if you limit your radiation intake so your body can get rid of what you ingested or breathed in.

Seeds that are packaged or canned now are the life line of every person who wants to grow uncontaminated food in the near future. Greenhouses will be the only place (or indoors) that will be safe to grow food in. Anything grown outside will be contaminated.

So what about the low levels now in some areas? Some areas are low because of the winds have blown a majority of the radiation over or away from that area, but there is still some radiation that got dumped on those plants. By the time you harvest it will be another month or two the radiation will keep falling across the USA and Canada, even Mexcio. If your plants test ok, then time to cover them or build a greenhouse over and around them. All it takes is one rain fall that has a high concentration of radiation to ruin and entire garden and all is lost.

Seeds will be hard to find in the future unless they are from below the equator. If you can afford it, time to buy a few gardens in a can and stock up because the future will be many starving people, some will go out and eat the contaminated foods and get cancers just because they will be starving. It will get worse, theft will be on the rise and people will kill for food. Welfare can't even save them. The other fact is there is not enough food grown below the equator to feed the entire USA and Canada or even Mexico.

That leaves you to grow your own food for survival. No rain barrels and use only well water. Clean soil and an air filtration system. For less than a 100 bucks you can build your own greenhouse and those pollen dust filters used in home heating systems work great for keeping the radiation out and still allows air in. They are a whopping 5 bucks.

Watch what you eat, see where it is from and check those dates on cans and packages.

Seeds have become like gold in the very near future.

They have trade value, they will feed you and your family and if you grow herbs or things others don't you can trade each other for what you want.

Your number one life saving item is seeds. Don't be without them.
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