Why so many Countries building thousands of shelters?

Why so many Countries building thousands of shelters?

Postby wesurvive » Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:18 am

Thousands of bomb shelters are being built right now in many countries.

Why are so many Countries building bomb shelters? Are they just preparing for the unexpected or do they know something the public doesn't know about? Well, from my past military experience, the threat of nuclear war is always present and all it takes is two leaders to have a fist fight and its all up in the air ready to land somewhere. As for things like the date of the Mayan calender or ET invasions, I don't think the Mayan calender is any pretext for a disaster and the ET invasion may happen or it may not happen in the future.

However, the real bonified threat of Nuclear war is ever so present. Over 30 Nations have nuclear weapons. 7 of those are not our friends, even if we buy their products. That is more than just one threat of nuclear war in the future. It can happen with faulty equipment or a solar flare sets one off and then its global nuclear war.

The offset threat is the NWO who may use the idea of nuclear weapons to depopulate the world if it has no other options left. They want only 500 million people left on this planet or less to control. So that is there as a threat too, but no so likely as the threat of an enemy nation deciding to launch all it has against the US or its allies.

So my goal is to build a nuclear bomb shelter in the near future. Not that I know of anything different that may happen, but the fact is the threat is real and in order to survive any threat whether it be natural or manmade it is best to prepare for the worst possible outcome. So if you have the land and the ambition, a nuclear bomb shelter is good to have on hand and then there is no worry when something does happen.

We are expected to have large solar flares in the next 3 years, if not once, but several. These will create large EMP's and knock out all electronics. The idea for me having an underground shelter is also the ground stays at around 50 degrees so there is always a comfort zone even in winter. They are highly energy efficient and easy to maintain. In the event of any disaster, there is fresh air, clean water, beds, food, and safety in an underground shelter. So if you don't have proper land to build one, join up with friends that do and put funding together to build an underground shelter for both your families. It is the best insurance policy for the future you can invest in.

Russia planning to build 5000 nuclear bunkers in the next 2 years before 2012.


Seed bank opening in Norway? Freezing the seeds for hundreds of years.

Even Pakistan is building bomb bunkers.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44jxjG-E ... F&index=29

Switzerland, Germany, France and other European countries already have thousands of underground bunkers built since WWII.

There are thousands of nuclear shelters in the USA, most of which the public will never know about. Some of the bunkers are miles long deep underground. Paid for by your tax dollars. Some are still being built today.

Almost every Country has many bomb shelters. However only one country (Switzerland) has full public knowledge of their shelters and they have enough shelters to put everyone in their Country into those shelters for safety.

In America, unless you are high up on the totem pole (voted in or selected by your skills or degrees) you are out in the cold. So you have to build your own. Nice to have that wonderful feeling we are liked so much by our own Government who we are supposed to be in charge of. =) The problem is, if Russia builds enough shelters for all its people and the US does not, then Russia could nuke the USA and still survive a nuclear attack with enough soldiers to come in and take what is left over. Pretty smart on their part, bad for us.

I would like to think there will be enough people who will build bomb shelters for the day when it comes even if it is for their children or grandchildren that they will be the resistance in the future or perhaps you will be against any outside force that does try to do something crazy against the USA.

I say, You Must Survive.
So prepare for it. Plan, get out in the Country and get a good location or work with friends who have a good location to build one on their land. Prepare, build a nuclear fall out shelter that is several feet underground with all the trimmings for 5 years. Then you can relax and enjoy life a little. Or you can enjoy life now as much as you can till you croak and forget it all like many others are doing.

I plan to survive as long as I can. Hell or high water, I plan to survive for as long as I can and prepare for it.
After all, someone has to be around to clean up the mess and rebuild after.
You Must Survive. So prepare for it.
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