Spent the day sealing up my home. AIr filtration system too

Spent the day sealing up my home. AIr filtration system too

Postby wesurvive » Fri Mar 18, 2011 9:44 pm

I don't know about you, but I just have a feeling this isn't over and with the nuclear plant being abandoned in Japan, more toxic flumes will come our way. The traces are small now, but there is always that slogan, "IF something can go wrong, it will".

Now I don't want to be rushing to get everything sealed in 10-15 hours and then forget about something and all that was for nothing. So I am taking my time all day today to just cover vents, seal cracks, caulk cracks in cement, getting foam cut out for the windows and putting a foil shield on them, getting plastic precut already to put on the outside of the windows with rubber cement and brushes ready to go, going through my NBC gear and gas mask with filters so everything is ready and making a second bag for my vehicle to take with me when I go to town, getting ready to put my air filtration system in,

Also in between sealing the house I will cover things or put them in the sheds, making sure the windows are tight on all my vehicles, making a list of food items I am low on and should restock, and getting wood ready to make bunk beds in case the worst happens, and planning on filing a 55 gallon water barrel so its ready to use. Oh, I should clean my house if I have guests after I spent the night going through all my gear and the bed is piled to the ceiling with things from the closet. LOL

So is your house ready to use in case of a last minute alert?
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