Dog house disaster resistant shelter. Tornado, Hurricane etc

Dog house disaster resistant shelter. Tornado, Hurricane etc

Postby wesurvive » Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:37 am

Seeing the massive tornado influx occurrence in the MidWest and many do not have basements, I thought about something that was affordable and easy to build within a weekend.

Instead of going big and expensive, there is the alternative of just going small and affordable. A tornado warning may last only a few hours, but in that few hours those who do not have a shelter will need someplace to hide out. Granted, you don't have the luxuries in a small shelter, but all it is for is to provide protection for the short period of time.

A cement structure just big enough to hold the family members in a sitting position with very few emergency supplies is all that is needed. Cement block with rebar and fiber added to the cement filling will withstand a tornado or hurricane, even flying debris. There is also the easy idea of taking basement forms and using them as your walls filled with blast resistant cement and rebar. The rebar should wrap completely around the structure before filling.
For extra protection, double walled dog house disaster proof shelters can be built. The thicker the walls, the more protection you have.
The door can be a thick metal door that slides up and down or you can have it open and close which ever way you like. The reason to have it slide up and down is if debris gets pushed up against the structure you may not be able to open the door outward. At least if the door is half the size as the structure height, you can still open the door upwards more easily than outwards. A pry bar should be in the shelter in case the door needs to be pried open as a result of debris crushed up against the structure.

The Dog house shelters can be 6 foot by 4 feet and 4 feet tall. This is enough room to put 6 people and have room above for a shelf along the back wall for food, water, rain gear, blankets and a medical kit. You can also dig down and put a box in that would allow for other items to be stored such as valuables to be stored that you can grab going out the door to the shelter (jewelry boxes, silver items, your coil collection, insurance papers, photo album, etc.) You can put a lot in one of these little shelters.

Small 2 inch round pipes can be placed in the top part of the wall (2 of them) for air vents so you don't have to worry about lack of air. You can use larger pipe if you want, but it can have a screen on the outside to prevent bugs and or garbage from plugging up the pipe. The pipe should be at a downward angle going out so most rain and high wind doesn't get into the shelter.

These small but useful shelters can be used for Tornado, hurricane, and even earthquake type disasters as they will stay in one piece and will not fall apart.

This type of shelter does not have to be underground. So this allows you the choice of either putting it underground or above ground.

Different design ideas. ... rm-shelter

Some are putting similar structures next to the house, but this can be a threat of blocking your exit from the disaster resistant structure. But it also can offer some protection as well if the wall is a cement wall, but even these fall during tornados upon the smaller shelter. So I would put it in the back yard somewhere. A little debris is better than an entire house falling on the shelter even though the shelter would withstand the weight. You have to think how will you exit your shelter if the house piles up against the shelter or on top of it. So the entry should be facing away from the house in case the house debris ends up being pushed up against the shelter.

Comments are welcome.
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