What every home base should have, like a small town

What every home base should have, like a small town

Postby wesurvive » Wed Dec 08, 2010 11:39 pm

Well, I know some of you have already set up bases, perhaps in your own homes or barns, but did we cover everything? I tend to think of all that will be needed to provide food, medical attention and education all in one home. There has to be proper protection as well. Some families will group up together so this is important. Granted, it will be a survival setup with the most basic to the most advanced equipment depending on budgets, but it doesn't take a whole lot to set up a simple operation.

After researching this area for years now, I rounded it out to just those three objectives to have in the home. A room set up for emergency care and surgeries with medical supplies and tools, the education area can be the living room for a few hours a day, and food was either a green house (with heat lamps or stove to provide heat, but I still had green beans and peas growing in my green house even two weeks ago.)

Sleep quarters were important, granted you will have several teams working around the clock and some on patrol for look outs for armed looters. Bunk beds can be made out of 2x4's that can be set up to accommodate the many. Cots and fold out couches (hide-a-beds) and even sleeping bags on the living room floor for those who don't get a bed until later when more can be made.

Wood stoves in the home will ensure there is proper heating.

Look out posts should be heavily sand bagged and or using an old pickup with sand bags in the back of it or using your own armor design can be handy when defending the land or home against armed looters and gangs. Fox holes in outer areas and lookout posts using the highest points available, even tree stands (tree forts with sand bags or steel plating on the walls) are good to use for look out posts.

Green houses can also be set up on rooftops if the roof isn't too steep of a roof. Mostly on the south side of the home they will work best getting the most sun. These can made out of PVC pipe or 2x4's and some plastic sheeting. Now I found using just the basic 4 ply clear plastic sheeting worked great. The other expensive green house brand at ACE didn't even last as long as the simple all around plastic that was much cheaper. But if all else fails you can use garbage bags too, those heavy clear ones or even black will work in some walls of the green house as long as there is some light getting through. The back wall should be painted dark brown to help gather and dissipate the heat in the green house. (I was growing food even at freezing temperatures yet with no heater in the green house.) What I have found is that if the plants are protected from the outside environment, they will keep growing even during winter. I am no expert on plants, but I do know they make their own anti-freeze like fluid in the plant that helps them live out the winters. Some plants will do better during winters, others will not. One problem I did encounter, deer. I had one side of my greenhouse ripped open and deer tracks going right inside. Guess if they are hungry enough, they will break into your greenhouse. Anyway, something to ask the experts on about which food grows best during winter in a greenhouse. I do plan on having one of my gasifier lines going through the greenhouse to give off some heat during times when I use the gasifier, or just may start it up to help keep it warmer inside for younger plants. The plants I had were full grown and were still producing peas and green beans. (All that was left that I didn't pull out in the fall.)

And last, but not least. A book with color photos on edible plants. When the food you grow isn't enough, you have to look to nature to give you the food you need to feed everyone.

Water. Having water sources you can use with hand pumps or modifying your existing water pump system to run off an inverter and 12 volt batteries so you have water in the home for everyone. Hot water heaters can be easily modified to use 12 volt hot water elements which are also listed in another posting on this blog.
For inverters you will want to get a higher rating on the inverter than what you will use on the water pump, this ensures it will last longer without burning up or malfunction. So if you have a 1200 watt water pump, get a 2400 min rating inverter. They are pretty cheap on Ebay or at your local Harbor Freight stores. Get a couple to have on hand. Just in case.

Anyone feel free to add to this list.
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