NBC Air Filtration system and Shelter info

NBC Air Filtration system and Shelter info

Postby wesurvive » Sun Oct 10, 2010 3:36 am

Here are a few links to NBC shelters and air filtration systems.


http://www.northwestsheltersystems.com/ ... ystems.php

The contaminated air (red), sucked in by the ventilator(1), passes the valve (2) and the NBC-filter (3) Inside the NBC-filter the air flows through different filters (activated carbon, HEPA-filter), gets cleaned and is breathable again (blue).

1. Ventilation unit
2. Shelter valve (explosion-protection valve with pre-filter)
3. NBC - filter

Now filters can be costly, but thanks to some innovative people, they have made theirs for a fraction of the price.

Also, a nice idea for a safe room (small shelter or NBC shelter) to help keep any bad air out and good air in. At a very cheap price.

Now, What I would do is put several of the NATO gas mask filters in series in a PVC pipe that would fit them snug, thus this would last for about a week, a quick change over to another PVC pipe with another NATO gas mask canisters in series would take up the second week or even longer. Not a bad idea.


Remember, soldiers will wear these masks with the same canister for weeks if needed, but that is only one person breathing. So say 5 canisters in a row would surely work for a week with 4 people. Granted, a bigger pump may be needed, but those filters are not that restrictive and should work with the same pump listed above.

Here is another one, the 5 gallon bucket air filter.
http://www.alpharubicon.com/basicnbc/5g ... rrequa.htm

# 1 5-gallon Bucket ($1.99)
# 1 n688 Bathroom Exhaust fan (these fans I believe come up to 160CFM) ($ 10.99)
# 1 Roll of Aluminum tape ($ 5.99)
# 4-5 Cheap Furnace Filters 20”x25”x1” ($.49 each)
# 1 Big Blue 20”x25”x1” ($ 13.99)
# Couple Hepa Filters of Choice.
# Charcoal Pre filters
# 1 surplus computer Power cable.

Some other ideas to add to your NBC filter plan using a 5 gallon bucket.

Nice about this is it takes it down to .1 microns. That is just as good as a gas mask filter.
And of course the nice activated carbon to add in for extra good smell and as a good air cleaner.

Blast proof ventilation pipes for air filtration system

http://americanbombshelter.com/ASR-blas ... -ducts.htm


Another cheap way to build an NBC air filtration system, the more advanced with blast valves.
Cheaper, far cheaper than having to buy it.


This was found in this free book here on NBC shelters:
You Must Survive. So prepare for it.
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