Buy your potatoes now while you still can. Last chance.

Buy your potatoes now while you still can. Last chance.

Postby ponun » Sun Jul 31, 2011 1:27 pm

With the increasing dangers of radiation fallout and to make sure you have food for the future, buy your potatoes now in large quantities. Potatoes will stay good for a year in a cool dry place and the potatoes on the store shelves are from last years harvest.

Idaho potatoes are harvested from late August to October so you can still get as much as you can afford from the stores and know it is radiation free. ... act-sheet/

What is so great about stocking up is you also have the potatoes to grow year after year by replanting cuts and growing more of the potatoes yourself in a greenhouse. I only have 40 pounds, but I tend to stock pile up to over 100 pounds of potatoes to make sure I have enough through the winter.

So look for those foods that were harvested last year and get a good supply on hand. Can them, make soups out of them and can them or dehydrate them. Then save a few to replant for next year, or even a bag to share with friends.

Time is running out to get the things you want to stockpile up on.

With all that is happening, think of it is one big sign before entering the desert that says "Last Chance to buy food for the next 10 years". We will be growing everything ourselves next year. There will be a food shortage of edible uncontaminated foods.
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