Preserving eggs without refrigeration-Great Idea!!!

Preserving eggs without refrigeration-Great Idea!!!

Postby jpf1030 » Thu Sep 01, 2011 3:25 am

Howdy All,
Thanks to Teri H. for forwarding the below great info on preserving eggs up to a year without refrigeration. If you are not raising chickens, this preservation method would be wise to keep in mind for when the grocery store has eggs on sale...Get Prepared!!!...jpf
Preserving eggs without refrigeration

How to preserve your real eggs without refrigeration—yet another reason why I’m certain that the folks at the local extension offices hate me fiercely—but I realized recently that I haven’t written about my favorite method of preserving eggs. Thanks once again to my farmer friend for sharing this with me some time ago. It really easy actually, all you need is some good ole fashioned mineral oil, your eggs and cartons, and preferably a pair of food handling gloves. All you’ve got to do is warm up the mineral oil slightly (it spreads easier) and slather it all over your eggs. Put your eggs back in the carton, with the narrow tip facing downwards, and then store them in a cool, dry, place. As an added measure for taste and texture, flip over the eggs every 30 days.

You see, when eggs come out of the chicken they naturally have a coating which enables them to last at cool room temperatures for long periods of time. When you purchase eggs from the store, that natural coating has been washed off and the eggs have been sanitized. When you replace the coating with mineral oil you’re essentially mimicking what Mother Nature did in the first place.

Mineral oil is easily found in your pharmacy section of your grocery stores or more specifically in the digestive aid section of your pharmacies. If you accidentally get part of the shell in whatever you’re making, it’s no problem. A little mineral oil won’t hurt you one bit, and a lot will simply clean you out but good! You don’t absolutely have to warm up the mineral oil, but warming it for 10-15 second in the microwave on high will help it spread more evenly over the eggs. I like to use the thin plastic food handling gloves because the slimy feeling of the oil bugs me after a while.

A quarter cup of warmed mineral oil will take care of about 6 dozen eggs.
Using this method you can take advantage of great sales on eggs without having to worry about how much room you have left in your refrigerator. This method will enable you to have whole, real eggs for 9 to 12 months past their expiration date. Yes, NINE to TWELVE months without refrigeration. You can use this method on fresh eggs or store-bought eggs. Obviously the fresh ones are going to last longer than the store-bought ones.

How do you know when you’ve got a bad egg? Well, your nose will be certain to tell you in an unmistakable manner. I’ve only had one bad egg in all the time I’ve done this. And just in case you’re wondering, one bad egg in the carton does not mean that the rest of them have gone bad—just the one that smells horribly.

It doesn’t matter which kind of egg carton you use, cardboard or foam, although I like the foam better if I had a choice, because I picture the cardboard absorbing my mineral oil. Of course such an issue, if valid, could be rectified by lining the cardboard cartons with plastic wrap. But after trying that a couple of times and finding no difference between the plastic wrapped dozens and the non, I gave up on that extra step.

The downside to this method is that you won’t be able to make traditional egg white dishes such as meringue which requires absolutely fresh egg whites. But otherwise, any time you want some fried eggs with your bacon or as the basis of your fried egg sandwiches, you won’t have to sacrifice taste or texture one iota.
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