Super Survival Food Processing: Powdering Dried Foods

Super Survival Food Processing: Powdering Dried Foods

Postby jpf1030 » Thu Dec 29, 2011 6:02 pm

Howdy All,
Below is a recent letter I sent to BSOSC leaders:
Granny Warrior had some good tips on powdering dried veggies for soup and drink mixes in her newsletter. This would be an excellent BSOSC class. I would imagine a number of the guys would be interested as well. This would not particularly need to be scheduled for one of the monthly meetings. It could be in the evening like the butter canning class you held. These powdered veggies after being dried, should have super concentrated nutrients. What ideal survival foods the mixtures would be in being fast, simple, light weight with only warm or hot water needed. In addition to survival situations, it would make a health drink super nutritious "on-the-go" meal when in a hurry. It would be fine for me for lunch when Starr and I start on our next weight loss mission with the new year. Our goal in 2012 is to lose as much as we have in 2011...jpf

...Now for some helpful information: I have as you all know gone on a dehydrating binge for the past year.. I have dried everything you can think of and storage is becoming a problem even with a new building build just for this. I studied the problem and have tried many things but the most useful method I have found to carry food for the family in case of emergency..? All those dried vegetables and fruits are easily ground into powder with a magic bullet or even a food processor... I experimented for weeks and found that it is so simple... powder the items then take several tablespoons of each that you wish to mix and put it into a seperate envelope and seal..
To make veg. soup for two people I used:
5 tbsp. tomatoes, 2 onion, 1/4 tsp garlic, 1 celery, 1 okra, 3 carrots, 2 tbsp beef base powder.

This mixture makes a delicious hearty soup when added to some boiling water and simmered for a while... and..... it weighs almost nothing. is easy to stash away and will keep you satisfied and alert in any situation.

I did the same for cukes too and simmered a few tbs. in water to make a great cool beverage or cold soup.

I made my own jello also with the powdered fruit and adding plain gelatin to the powder. simply heat water stir in your powders and pour onto a flat bread pan or into a shallow bowl to cool and gel. I make gummy gel for the kids and they love it, I can use the strawberrys, blueberrys and apple, peach etc... mix and match with more gelatin than normal and when cooled it makes really tasty and healthy gummy candy. I never add sugar either sometimes maybe a little stevia but never sugar and the kids love it.

The powdered squash ( zuchini and yellow) is really good as a filler for bread, soup, meat loaf etc and is healthy for you.

Powdered collards, kale, cabbage and all the leafy vegetables go good in soup also as well as in smoothies for added minerals and vitamins.

I store all the powdered items in mason jars tightly sealed in the pantry and have had no problems with them.

I did find that the zip lock bags don't do a very good job of sealing away moisture so I have used the food saver vacuuum method of storing the soup mixes.. this works really well to both compress them as well as protect them.

A handful of these little envelopes of powder could mean the difference between hunger and satisfaction....

Try it !
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