Help for those with Sensitive eyes to light from toxins

Help for those with Sensitive eyes to light from toxins

Postby wesurvive » Mon Feb 14, 2011 6:04 am

I am one who suffers from sensitivity to light (in the eyes) as it is usually caused by sinus problems or allergies, but it is also caused from medicines and additives to our foods.

It seems as time goes by the older I get the more sensitive my eyes become to light when I eat certain foods with additives such as High Fructose Corn syrup or MSG. Trying to avoid all those foods is hard to do, which in some cases food companies put things in our our food or on our food that is not on the label. Even fresh fruit is coated with all kinds of chemicals.

The last 3-4 days I had a severe reaction to what ever I ate, most likely that piece of cake at a birthday party with its high volume of high fructose corn syrup and MSG and along with the other foods I ate at the party. Boy did I suffer. My eyes would literally burn and pain pierced right into my head as if I had needles poking in my eyes. I was returning home from a meeting and Thank God it was raining and there was no sunlight. Just some relief from the sun for just a few hours with cloud cover or some rain or snow sure makes my head feel better, but it shouldn't be this way and we shouldn't have to torture ourselves to just drive home and now I am going to be more sincere about what I eat even at others homes. What does that food have in it? Is it fresh or from a can? Those questions have to be asked by those of us who suffer from the chemicals that are in those foods. If we try and be nice, we pay the price.

I have at times ended up in a city far from home and had a long drive, but after eating something in the city it takes about 15 minutes and I start to feel the pain in the sunlight and now I either have to suffer driving home or I can find a dark place and hold out like a stinking vampire till the darkness comes and then drive home. It doesn't go away in one day, it stays until it is out of my body and that takes days. I get so angry because for one those chemicals have no reason being in our foods and second when I suffer I get irritated and literally pissed at those food companies for poisoning me. Those who suffer the same (a have a few cousins and friends who suffer much the same way) get to feeling the same because they also have figured out what is ailing them after talking with me about my reactions to food additives. It is like, yea I have that too after I eat out or eat certain things with high fructose corn syrup.

So anyone reading this has the smilier symptoms of pain in the eyes in light after eating something with additives in it, you also know what it is now.

I did find some information in my research today which noted that taking Vitamin C, A, E and Thiamine (Vitamin B1) helps the eyes so I will try it out and see if there is any difference.
But also detoxing the body is also essential, which I should carry some green tea with me at all times just in case. Even some other body detox goodies to try out.

Anyway, thought I would post this for those who may suffer the same and think they are just going crazy when they are not, its the darn food additives that cause extreme reactions in the body. Just finding what works to get the toxins out fast to get on with living is the key.

Feel free to share your stories or your input on the subject.
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