Coral Information - Benefits of Coral Minerals

Coral Information - Benefits of Coral Minerals

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Coral Information - Benefits of Coral Minerals
Additional Sections:
History of Coral Use (Part 1) | (Part 2)
Facts: Why, What, How, and Where
Benefits of Coral Use: - Full Spectrum | Organic | Ionic | Synergistic
Research: Bruce W. Halstead, M.D. | James Chappell, D.C., N.D., Ph.D., M.H. | Clinical Study

Coral has gained an impressive reputation as a health supplement capable of delivering seemingly miraculous health improvements. So many totally different health problems are relieved with coral supplements that it begs the questions: How can this be? How does coral work? The answer is found in the availability and absorbability of the minerals that are naturally present in the coral.
The populations of modern society are experiencing a virtual epidemic of mineral deficiency. The farming soil has been stripped of minerals through unsustainable farming practices and soil erosion. If the minerals are no longer in the soil, they are not in the foods. If the minerals are not in the foods, they are not in our body. Over 150 different diseases have been linked to mineral deficiency. Many of these deficiencies are with the trace minerals and are virtually impossible for a doctor to diagnose.
Coral naturally contains every mineral found in the human body in similar proportions as the human body. Coral minerals are one of the most effective ways to put minerals into the blood because of the high absorbability of the minerals. There are four main reasons the coral minerals are so highly absorbable:
a. Full Spectrum
b. Organic
c. Ionic
d. Synergistic
With the coral minerals being available as a complete spectrum and all 74 individual minerals being highly absorbable by the body, two main health-building functions are achieved:
1. As specific trace mineral deficiencies are fulfilled the health ailment caused by that mineral deficiency is relieved. These ailments can be virtually anything from a persistent skin rash to high blood pressure.
2. As the bio-available calcium and other alkalizing minerals get into the blood and the cells the body pH begins to return to the natural slightly alkaline level. Most disease thrives in an acidic environment. Maintaining a healthy pH may help in the recovery from a degenerative disease but more importantly, a degenerative disease has difficulty ever getting started in an alkaline environment.

Full Spectrum Benefits of Coral Minerals

Every mineral needs other minerals to support it in order to do its job effectively. And each supporting mineral needs other minerals to support them. Hence minerals work best in a complex, such as coral, where every mineral is present in a natural balance.
Organic Benefits of Coral Minerals

Coral minerals are organic in the sense that they have been previously digested by an animal. It is very difficult for the human body to digest inorganic minerals (similar to eating little rocks). Having been previously digested by the coral polyp, coral minerals are readily absorbable by the human body.
Ionic Benefits of Coral Minerals
Coral minerals possess the natural ability to go ionic upon contact with moisture. When coral powder is placed in solution the minerals go into an ionic state. Ionic means that these elements gain or loose electrons producing a positive or negative charge. This change in charge increases the attraction between the minerals and the oppositely charged receptors.
Synergistic Benefits of Coral Minerals
Coral is naturally synergistic with the human body. This is evidenced by the medical practice of using pieces of coral in bone graphs. Orthopedic surgeons use coral in bone graphs because the body readily accepts the coral and the various muscles and tendons grow into the coral structure as if it were actual human bone.
Nutrition Research, Vol. 20, No. 11,
pp. 1557-1567, 2000
Copyright © 2000 Elsevier Science Inc.
Printed in the USA. All rights reserved.
0271-5317/00/$---see front matter
PII: 0271-5317(00)00240-2

Effects Of The Coral Calcium As An Inhibitory Substance Against Colon Cancer And Its Metastasis In The Lungs

Yuji Hirota, Ph.D. and Takashi Sugisaki1, Ph.D.
Medical Preventive Group Laboratory, MPG Co., Ltd.
2-41-18 Sumida, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan 131


Growth rates of mouse Colon 26 cancer cells were observed in acidic culture media and weak alkaline culture media. Coral Calcium exhibited an inhibitory effect on the growth of cancer cells in weak alkaline (pH 7.5) culture medium (in vitro). In addition, the effect of Coral Calcium concentration against Colon 26 cancer cells was investigated using calcium carbonate as a control. The growth of the cancer cells tended to be inhibited at a greater concentration of Coral Calcium, in vitro.

In vivo study, the effects of Coral Calcium arid calcium carbonate (control) against the Colon 26 cancer cells were compared using mice. The activity of the NK cells and the number of macrophages in the group to which Coral Calcium was administered were greater than those in the group to which calcium carbonate was administered.

Furthermore, in a vivo study, the effects at Coral Calcium concentrations were investigated. Colon 26 cancer cells were inoculated into mice, followed by an investigation of the prophylactic effects (i.e.. as a cancer-inhibitory substance) of Coral Calcium against the metastasis of Colon 26 cancer cells in the lungs. The greater the dose of Coral Calcium, the greater the activity of NK cells and the number of macrophages increased. The metastasis of the cancer cells in the lungs was significantly inhibited at a higher dose of Coral Calcium. Coral Calcium exerted an inhibitory effect on the metastases of the cancer cells to the lungs by activating natural killer (NK) cells and macrophages, thus resulting in preventing the proliferation of cancer cells.
©2000 Elsevier Science, Inc.

Key Words; Coral Calcium, Calcium carbonate, Weak alkaline culture medium, Activity of NK cells, Number of macrophages, Monocytes, Anticancer agents, Cancer-sleeping effect
1Corresponding author: Dr. Takashi Sugisaki. Medical Preventive Group Laboratory, MPG Co., Ltd.. 2-41-18 Sumida, Sumida-ku. Tokyo. Japan 131
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