Anti-Flu Nutraceutical Summary

Anti-Flu Nutraceutical Summary

Postby Wayne » Mon Mar 15, 2010 5:33 pm

Anti-Flu Nutraceutical Summary
ADULT values, Not for infants: adjust dose, children over age one by weight. Assume 150 lb lean adult weight.

High Fevers and “really sick”, get to a Doc. (I’m a Healer, researcher, and Radiologist, haven’t given a shot in years,) You want the ER or Family Doc, maybe your OB

1) Cold pack on the injection site to slow absorption while nutraceuticals take hold. If exposed to flu, no cold pack required.

2) Vitamin C Ester-C formula, 1000 mg 4 times the first day, then 1000 mg/day for 3 months, then 500mg/day to help prevent flu/colds.

3) Beer for flavonoids, 3 per day. If there is an alcohol allergy, non-alcoholic beer is a substitute. Use import or small brewery barley malts, No Bud or Miller. NOT for young kids or recovering alcoholics!

4) Green tea for flavonoids, 2x strength, 4-eight ounce cups a day.

5) Vitamin E with gamma complex, 400 units, 2 per day for 3 months.

6) Multi-vitamin, Centrum Silver or equivalent, 2 per day for 1 month at least, then 1 per day 2 for months. If diet uncertain, continue.

7) Vitamin D3, 5000 extra units per day for 2 weeks, then 1000 units a day.

8) Olive oil: Use refined, “extra light” for cooking, regular for salads, etc if you like the flavor. Avoid corn, safflower, sunflower, soybean, canola and peanut oils—they are mildly inflammatory.

9) Calcium-magnesium supplement. Adults under 50 years, take 1 Rolaids extra strength 2 times a day. Over 50, add 1 betaine HCl capsule with each Rolaid, and NOT before bedtime. Take for 1 month.

10) Fish oil caps, 1 per day for at least 6 weeks

11) Parsley-celery mixture blended, 8 oz, 2x a day, if tolerable, .

Any of these is better than nothing. These are maximum doses, don’t overload on the amount or time! Only take for 14 days for the flu
For long term protection, reduce the E complex to 3x per week,

Individuals do vary, diet will make a BIG difference.

If you’re not sure, ASK. There several knowledgeable individuals here in the Bitterroot Valley, and some not quite so. There are several sources for supplies. You are on your own for beer and tea.
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