Field surgery and emergency medical manuals and info

Field surgery and emergency medical manuals and info

Postby wesurvive » Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:30 am

In the field surgery and health manuals:

Want some information to keep on hand for field or at home surgery just in case? Remember, when the economy crashes there will not be any hospitals open if they don't get paid. So if you have to do a surgery, going back to what works is best and who has the most experience in the field? The military.

So I have collected some pdf volumes for you to download and review at your own pace and to keep on hand just in case.

Granted the older volumes don't use other methods we use today, but some of the information is useful when you don't have the modern tools on hand to perform a surgery. Think of it as the old west days operation in the present day. You use what you have.

I would print all those you find useful for when the time comes, you may not even have electricity to turn on the computer.

A manual of military surgery, by S.D. Gross, MD, 1861

Or download the full version of "A Manual of military surgery, by S.D. Gross, MD 1861 here: ... milsurgusa

Navy Medical manual downloads:

Or here for more recent military medical manuals...they are in the list. Emergency War Surgery is there too.

Also some cool stuff on spinal fusion, a product called Optofix puts out a pulse that helps the spine heal itself. Worth researching more on this. If you or someone else has a spinal injury, this information may be helpful.

US Army Medical Department downloads and research: ... hEnv1.html

We need women who want to be in the field of woman care and Gynecology. Guys, I don't think women will trust us, so probably best to find a female who wants to deal in this area. =) If possible, having one or two females in each base group to be working in this area should be worked out. ... xtbook.htm

Delivering a baby.
Well, some men have passed out helping deliver a baby or watch their wife having a baby. So it doesn't do the females any good if a man passes out while she is having a child. Those redneck men should know a pair of vice grips, salad spoons, a turkey baster and some wire cutters are only going to put the female into shock as soon as she sees them, so having some useable clean medical tools on hand won't hurt. So men who can handle the scene and help any female deliver a baby or females who volunteer to know this information is duly helpful in those cases. Given, there will be children born and there had to be someone to help deliver the baby. Any volunteers?

and another how to: ... erbaby.htm

Or if you need a video: ... ncy-50607/

And there is this link: ... gwodACp_kQ

And if a C-section needs to be done: (this is all I could find for now). Hopefully someone adds to this. ... /index.htm

Well, if anyone has any good information to add or links to more downloads, please add them. Or even a good book you can buy that has all the goodies in it for field surgery or surgery in the home.

Still need manuals on children's health, dentistry, optometrists, and hearing.
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Re: Field surgery and emergency medical manuals and info

Postby Elizabeth » Tue Dec 07, 2010 5:40 pm

Army's "Emergency War Surgery" Manual already downloaded and printed out. It's about 2 1/2 to 3" high worth of paper.
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