BSOSC Alternative Energy Development Projects

BSOSC Alternative Energy Development Projects

Postby jpf1030 » Fri Feb 25, 2011 9:48 pm

Howdy All,
I am posting the below reply I wrote to another thread because this is a very important subject worthy of its own posting. With what is rapidly starting to escalate on petrol fuel prices and supply, the below info and joint effort by many BSOSC members could quickly become critically important...jpf
Howdy WeSurvive,
I'm glad you have alerted folks to these 3 alternative fuel sources: 1) Ethanol; 2) Wood Gas; and 3) Hydrogen. We have also been researching magnetic, electric bio-fuels like bio-diesel, WVO (waste vegetable oil), pressed seed oil, etc. We have been working on all three of the three you mention, for which I will give a short update report of R&D for each:
1) Ethanol...The far and away best book on ethanol is Alcohol Can Be A Gas by David Blume, which we have in the BSOSC library. Building an alcohol/ethanol fuel still has been on our agenda for couple of years. It has kept getting pushed back with more urgent projects. There are good still plans in this book. We have a couple of guys wanting to start building one in our shop if they can ever get time. We have most of the materials already that will be needed. I guess we need one person with time and passion for building an ethanol still to get that project off the ground. We will be more than happy to let any BSOSC members attend and assist in a workshop on this project.
2) Wood Gas...This is a very high priority project for us. Now that we have proven we can build a highly efficient wood gasifier to burn the gases in a heat exchanger for a hot water heating system and generation of domestic hot water, we are ready to move to the next phase of building a gasifier to generate gases to run engines, be they stationary generator or vehicle engines. We are hooked up with some very knowledgeable guys in this area which will help get this system developed rapidly. All we have to learn on these is how to fabricate the most efficient filtering and cooling system to make the gases safely usable.
3) Hydrogen...We have hydrogen generator kits and auto installation kits in our SOS General Store. These are high quality units Mac put together. We had the plates precision laser cut from higher grade, thicker stainless steel than others use. We also put together an optional nice auto installation kit for the hydrogen generator kits. Mac is a good info source on both of these since he is running one on his car.
4) Bio-fuels...As you know, Mac is making bio-diesel. We have a processor we never have hooked up. We have done a good bit of research into oil seed presses and algae bio-fuel in addition to WVO. There is good potential for oil seeds as a raw material supply if we work out a deal with a farmer to exchange fuel for the seed crop. The beauty of this process is that there is no waste. The pulp from the pressed seeds is a high nutrient livestock feed.
5) Electric...We considered at one point to build an electric vehicle as many DIY'ers have done. This is still a possibility to look into.
6) Magnetic...Like you, we had worked on a design for an electro-magnetic motor. Our idea was to build it on a stripped down engine block so any car could be converted to the "fuel" source. After much research into magnet suppliers and other components, the project kind of fell by the wayside from lack of funds and time.

Though we have poked at all these alternative fuel sources we have not been able to get them into full production. We can only hope there is sufficient prep time remaining to get at least some of them done. Hopefully, our task force leader and other BSOSC members will want to get involved in as many as possible of these alternative energy project developments, because we will share the progress with all...jpf
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Re: BSOSC Alternative Energy Development Projects

Postby wesurvive » Sat Feb 26, 2011 5:13 am

I am Absolutely interested in helping with any of these projects even with my other projects at hand. I only need a few more magnets to start working with a 12 volt DC magnet motor, which I think is near completion once I get the two magnets. It is something like the Bedini motor, but with some modifications.

Once I get ahold of a bike tire I will also build a demo Bedini unit, which will be able to charge batteries continuously like in Bedini's videos.

I do have one 25 gallon ethanol still I made with someone else, but still have not fired it up yet as I wanted to have a fireproof area to work in. So when the warmer weather hits I will get a chance to really test it out.

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You Must Survive.
You Must Survive. So prepare for it.
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