Good Article: "4 Powerful Traits of Survivors"

Good Article: "4 Powerful Traits of Survivors"

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Howdy All,

Below is an interesting short article from, detailing four special traits of survivors, which in essence means leaders. Few if any who will be survivors, will not also be leaders who have developed those traits. If you have not practiced developing those traits as part of your prepping, you are hamstringing yourself and decreasing your odds of surviving a major catastrophic event, be it man made, natural or off-world.

There are quite a number of other critically important survival/leadership traits, particularly the "7 Traits To Open Heaven's Gates" I wrote decades ago and raised our six kids by. I think I posted those here in the past.

4 Powerful Traits of Survivors
There are some common personality traits that most survivors have in common. The following is a list of the 4 most common traits of people who have survived extraordinary situations.

1. Survivors stay Calm in the face of Danger.

A survivalist has the ability to stay calm in the face of whatever life may throw at him. It’s not that the survivor is without fear, instead he has the courage to face his fears. [color=#FF0000](JPF Note: One of my 7 Traits is, "Attack Fear")[/color] To be able to stay calm in the face of danger requires preparation & training. The more information you have the easier it is to stay calm during any survival situation.

2. Survivalists are Experts at Improvisation

Survivors can find a use for everything around them. They know how to pick gear with multiple purposes, and they know how to improvise when they find themselves without the needed tools or gear. Survivors have the ability to make fire without matches, find water where there are no faucets, and find food where there are no stores. (JPF Note: This is why we put on endless classes in BSOSC meetings on "How To-DIY" in making use in new ways of old things you find around yourself)

3. Survivors are D.I.Y Experts

They are the ultimate tinkerers. In day to day life, the survivalist will find away to fix something that’s broken, before running off to Walmart to buy a new one. These skills are indispensable in an emergency situation. (JPF Note: In BSOSC we have networked members of a vast array of skills to be able to make and produce most things people will need, encouraging everyone that they must become producers of something before the crash comes)

4. Survivors are Great Leaders

They know how to make the tough decisions that will keep the people around them alive. During an emergency situation, while most are panicking and making stupid mistakes, a survivalist will stop, access the situation and then take action. They are the ultimate leaders! (JPF Note: In BSOSC we have built a leadership development network with task force leaders supported by committee chairmen assisted by sub-committee chairmen.)

JPF Final Comment: It has been a really difficult challenge in developing survival leaders because of the natural apathy (busy-ness with inane excuses) of the mass majority of people. It is amazing how the real potential leaders rise to the top when accountability and responsibility assignments are made, as few as they may be! The key is to never give up on people, teach them to (instead) say, "Why Not Me" to free them of the victim mentality, embrace all experiences and to Get Prepared!!!
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