Cordwood homes, use your firewood to build your home with

Cordwood homes, use your firewood to build your home with

Postby wesurvive » Fri Oct 15, 2010 6:08 am

Building Cordwood homes.

Some great information on actually an easy way to build a home out of wood and cement.

Why didn't I think of this, it actually looks pretty nice.


Cordwood homes
(Scroll down their page, I don't know why they left a huge space on their website)


They say in quote:
Cordwood construction utilizes short, round pieces of wood, similar to what would normally be considered firewood. For this reason this method of building can be very resource efficient, since it makes use of wood that might not have much other value. Cordwood building can also create a wall that has both properties of insulation and thermal mass. The mass comes from the masonry mortar that is used to cement the logs together, and the insulation comes from the wood itself and the central cavity between the inside and outside mortars. Like strawbale walls, many building authorities require a post and beam or similar supporting structure and then using cordwood as an infill, even though the cordwood method creates a very strong wall that could support a considerable load.

This method produces a look that is both rustic and beautiful. The process of building is similar to laying rocks in mortar, where the the logs are aligned with their ends sticking out to create the surface of the wall and mortar is applied adjacent to each end of the log. Typically the logs are not coated with a moisture barrier, but are allowed to breath naturally. It is possible to include other materials into the matrix, such as bottle ends that would provide light to enter the wall.

Recent experiments with the use of cob instead of cement mortar to join the logs have been encouraging and this method may provide a somewhat more ecological approach to cordwood building. In this case special care should be taken to have large eaves to keep water away from the wall.

Etc.. But good info.

For other really rustic old looking cordwood homes ideas:

For the coolest cordhouse yet I have seen on the web, check this out.


Is that cool or what?
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